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diy pedal

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by fabien25, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    hello iam fab from switzerland thank you at all the menber for yours works and answer .
    for start i build a pedal style cst f1 but for i finish it i want to know a thing please
    how the load cell is fixed and work ,he has drill an hole and threaded i think but the hole is drill through ?
    is possible to make this system too

    do you think the result will be the same ? great thank
    when is finish i post some foto ok [​IMG]
  2. nobody???
  3. @fabien25
    Have a look here

    The aluminum beam already includes threaded holes so it is attached using the factory threads. The holes used to attach to the base is drilled through, so I guess the holes at the other end is also through.

    Which loadcell do you plan to use with your custom pedals?
  4. hello knut thank i have a same load cell that todd is 30 kg
  5. i would like to do a same on picture 1 but i think he had drill and treads
  6. Elane 60kg load cell I bought separately is identical to one Todd uses in F1 pedals, including all 5 drill-thru mounting holes.

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  7. the bolted black metal piece on load cell is slotted so the adjustment bolt will slide back and forth and change the lever point...I used a 60kg load cell