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Diy Hydraulic pedal build

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Zach Hultstrand, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. hey guys i am currently planning on how to build a pedal set. that way it can be how i like them. Here is my parts list so far

    Senders: ​

    There are still some things im choosing like:
    • Braided, steel, or brass line.
    • Should i use bushings or springs on the slaves.
    • hall effect(i have never used one before) or pot sensor.
    • and is there is anyway to make the clutch feel like when you have a pressure plate fully engaged.
    Im wondering with the board i have choose what is the highest psi sensor i can run? and what are the Benefits to running a higher sensor. how many sensors could i run off one board. if i can run more then 4 pressure sensors could i make a hydraulic hand brake off the same and add some buttons and switches. would i need external power for all of that. thank you guys

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  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    If the sensor needs amplification like a normal loadcell needs.
    You can run only 1 channel with a amp.
    If those sensors run in the same range as potentiometers you would be able to do 8.
    But i suspect you needs channel amplification for the signals.
  3. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Thanks so much for starting this thread. I am also eyeing a diy pedal project. I go an email from DSD for the newest batch of his pedals. I would go that route but I have fallen hard for the Tilton Pedals and would like to use those instead.

    If I can't make my own set then I may try getting some HPP pedals.
  4. i think the sam sensors runs the same as potentiometers and the meas spec runs amped on the big block so you can have 1 meas spec on the amp and 5 pots/sam sensors on the 3 pin connections, i got on mine 1 pot 2 sam sensors (1 for clutch, 1 for handbrake) and the meas spec in the big block.
  5. i have looked at almost all of them. i really like the hpp and the arc pedals. are the dsd pedals hydraulic? I looked at using the tiltons but the price. is alot more. i also looked at are alot more. but i might. and try make this my last pedal set i ever need other them maintenance. does any one know about what sensor to use on my throttle pedal? and if i can use the non load cell amp board can i run more buttons off the same board?

    What do you mean i dont quite understand this 3ller. does this mean i need a load cell amp for my pressure sensors? or can i use the board i chose?
  6. the one you put on the first link is good, or the derek speare ones are good too, i use a derek one, the big green block i where you connect the meas spec sensor and on the 3 pin connector connect the pots and the other sensor the ebay ones
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  7. now should i use a pot or a hall effect on the throttle. also i have noticed that most of the hydraulic pedals out there dont use a slave. is that a better design?