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DIY F1 wheel RB mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by kimi69, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. After watching many people on this site making some beautiful wheels decided to make one by myself.Speaking in Top Gear words-well,how hard can it be?
    Carbon fibre ,10 push buttons,knitter switches for gears, potentiometers for cluch,2 rotary encoders,where the "horns" are,4 rotary switches with removed limiters redone to work as encoders on front plate, 1 rotary switch, 2 leds, connected to toggle switches, electrical quick release 9.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

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  2. Looks like a butterfly, awesome design. You really have eye for tuning. This is true futuristic model. Which wheel you can plug in?
  3. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson
    Premium Member

    Verry nice job... I love the rotary swich ;) Like bloodycut say: Awesome design. You really have eye for tuning. This is true futuristic model. Which wheel you can plug in? Thanks!! :whistling:
  4. Would you consider making more to sell? Yours looks excellent.
  5. Well,thank You,but it is not that futuristic at all. It is based on RED BULL 2009 actual F1 racing wheel. Since then they have changed some bits and pieces added some buttons and switches,but the overall shape remains the same . And it is made for Thrustmaster T500 RS 2.sport.jpg
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  6. Fantasik Work! compliments!
    Can you tell us how did you build it?
  7. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Cleaning the lens so you could make a proper photo of such a masterpiece was more difficult?
    Looks great.. as far as i can see ;)
  8. There is nothing to do with dirty lenses or "make an effort and clean them". Pictures been taken by 5 years old Nokia 6700 in my garage. And You can use such sarcasm in the pub,speaking to Your friends while having a drink or two.but not to people You dont actually know.I`m sorry if these pictures are too blurry for Your eyesight but I didnt really force You to watch them . It is all about choices-if You dont like them,they are too foggy for You-You can always go and do something else. Or ask politely(which is common for self-respecting people)-would you make better quality pictures, I cant see a thing . Instead You have chosen to spit poison.Over the weekend I`m going to upload some pictures of making the wheel and they been taken by the same old Nokia ,so to prevent You and maybe someone else from getting sore eyes, nausea,headache,morning sickness,the black plaque and God knows what else,please,stay away. And sorry again for giving You hard time watching these last century pictures.Hope that You will not need to make extra trip to Vision Express.
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  9. Whoa!

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  10. This wheel would be good at DTM driving.
  11. I can't beleive you made this your self! I looks like it came straight out of a real F1 car. :speechless:

    Awsome job man! :thumbsup:
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  12. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Im sorry i offende
    Very sorry if i offended you. Truly was not my intention.
    But this is close to overreacting, come on...
    Actually was very impressed with your result.
    Many wheel modders post their creation long before they even started the project.
    You made a really great professional looking piece of hardware.
    Good luck to you!
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  13. That`s all right,no offence taken.Thank You! There will bee hi-res pictures as well
  14. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Looking forward to see them..
  15. I haven`t drilled any holes on this particular quick release actually,but I`ve done it on different ones with no any problems using stationery multi gear drilling machine-low RPM`s,sharp drill and it doesn`t even get hot. don`t know about hand drilling tools tough.Not sure we are talking about very same release b`cause the ones I`ve got are made of different materials-let`s say the male part is iron,female- aluminium so if You`re about cutting those 3 excessive bits with boltholes on female part it shouldn`t be a problem even using hand tools,but if You`re about to remove that six hole round edge on another end,the best bet ,of course,is milling machine,although there is a way around but you need that stationery drilling thing and bench grinder available .Sorry if it`s not very helpful .
  16. Thanx Kimi for advice

    I need to remove six hole round edge on male part, and make three holes for mounting on G27 axis


  17. Can U upload more photos about this part?


    and which connector you used???

    I used mouse's green connector (but I think it's bed idea)
    I'm in research for best

  18. I'm very impressed by how your wheel looks, it looks fantastic! :inlove:
  19. Joel


    That's so cool! If only we could buy this...
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