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Division 2 - Sepang Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. A race to forget.

    Had a great qualify and started 7th I think. Made it to 4th or something until just before the straight then spun.

    I was on soft tyres which degraded too fast so I kept over steering and spinning off.

    Second stint was much better on hard tyres but by then I was so far behind It was a joke.

    The rain was fun though and Valerio was kind enough to give me a little bit of a race at the end even though he was a lap or two ahead of me. Thanks Vale ;)

    But at least I finished which is good.

    May the next race be a lot better.
  2. Nice Race, ad the beginning a little acidend with some one. sorry aboud that.
  3. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    quali 13th but wat a start 7 or 6th by first corner and was going ok made some silly mistakes but the car was so easy to drive in the wet i didnt really notice it except some of the faster corners.
  4. no problem m8 it happens, but next time is better wait when you did an accident just for fair play.......
  5. Very short Race :-(
    started great, upto 4th and in Lap 5, stefan stood by the lapping and closed the door for me :-(

    CYA next event
  6. will do next time. thanks for the reply
  7. Hi guys,

    For me a nice qualy, a PB! :D

    And the race was briljant! Took the lead from beginning, Jakob spinned the start and Maxim when 2nd.
    I made a small grassroad and losed the lead. Further on Maxim bumped into Werner and his race was over.

    Took the lead and had a great first stint. 2nd stint hoping for rain and it came!

    Nice pitstop and great finish!

    No incidents to report and went wide for 2 times but no advantage, just lack of concentration!

    See ya next time :)

  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys
    Quali in 14th ( usually ) but had a strategy for the race.I know my performance and so decided : hard tyre,125 Litres fuel, one Pit ( when rain or not ) result 6th place:).I have to say that 32 laps is a little bit like KAMIKAZE , I drove trying to manage the tires as long as possible,hoped in rain.In the last laps found Werner so together we battled and sing a song " ....dancing in the rain Im dancing in the rain ..." very funny next time Werner:good:
  9. First off all thank you all for letting me enter this League !!!
    Its been a while that i have Raced online .
    But im happy to be back racing.

    i knew i could drive a 1.30.7 something in Q , and in the last stint of the kwalification i nailed Pole Position
    Not bad for the first time !

    At the race i had problems getting a good start ! lot of wheelspin
    So i lost my lead, 4th pos. after the first corners.
    I started to warm in the tyres and started to push to get forward, some one spun and i was in 3rd
    Dont know anymore what else happend , but i got to 2nd postion
    Coen was in front, and i had troubles keeping up his pace.
    I made some errors so Coen could even get a way more.
    i started with a very heavy fuel load. So i passed Coen when he was in the pits.
    i managed to make 3 laps more.
    When i drove out of pits, Coen came blasting by.
    I did not have any balance in my 2nd stint,
    So i was very happy that it started to rain .
    fast into the pit to get some wets !

    Coen was way ahead by then , so i consolidated to take 2nd position

    Had lots of fun , much adreneline !
    Looking forward to Next Race. !


    I had a little bump with Tom Watts.
    somewhere in round 24 or 25 he made an error , he spun off.
    Got back on track, then i came at full speed.
    i braked, then when i thought he gave me room on the left side, i tried to pass him there, but then he slammed back to my side.
    Nothing i could do to not hit him .
    Clearly he must have seen the Blue Flag, i was lapping him .
    So i looked at replay couple of times, my opinion is that is was his fault and not mine.

    Singing off
    Jakob de Boer
  10. Quite good race today but too much contacts, don't like drive a broken car...but I have some funny moments so no problem.

    Q: very good after couple of practice laps today. Not even close to my best lap but 9th grid, its okay, no its very good for me :cool:

    Race: Very good start today but driver front of me sleeping so must wait him too long, damn. T1 went great until somebody's car spuns and hit my car causing suspension failure. So first pitstop came very early and only suspension repaired.

    Before and after my next pitstop race was very good in the several fair battles, thanks guys that's the reason why I like this so much so not the best laptimes but those battles (later only winning is the thing but until that year...). Okay but then little later my lucky totally ends and car front of me stops midlle of the hill on T5. My car stops enough early so no contact then but something strange happens few seconds later while some blind driver hits my stopped car??? Really you blind you need new classes or sleep more and stay awake :wink:

    So then my car was totally broken and driving was just surviving to the next pitstop. Next pitstop never came because my FUEL ENDS??? my pitstop strategy was medium+medium+possible wet or soft with fuel 60+60+27=147 litres / 39 laps (if I remember correctly). For some reason I don't know but at this time i didn't check fuel gauge because I thought I have enough gasoline, what a mistake, shame on me. But still learning things so that's not so serious yet :redface:

    Thanks for all see you next time.

    Thanks Nicolai & RD
  11. Stefan van Schoonhoven, you have learned to look in the rearview mirror?
    Nikolai,see please this sec 573-584.
    Werner van Aswegen,Thank you! You well done, always do!
    Nikolai see please this sec 664-667
    Congratulations pod and winner!
  12. I loved sepang, I made my own set up with any help, my mates in D1 were amazed with my quality driving I was looking for a podium, I walk up 4.50 am ready for the race, in qualy I was P4, the last 2 minutes in worm up I tested my pit stop menu and it was not working, by the time I was trying to fix it you guys were gone.
    concatulations for the podium. see you on the next trak.
  13. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    yh sorry my bad jakob after i hit the wall i couldnt tell were i was so i tried to get of the way but unfortunatly not so sorry about that
  14. I need to check the replay still but I know there were 2 or three places where I hit people. Don't know who but it was always in T9 (the sharp uphill left hand corner after the short back straight). I remember the one incident I came around the corner and found two stationary cars and I tried to keep left and pass but I ran wide and clipped one of the guys. Sorry about that.

    The other incident (the first one) was in the same corner on lap 1 I think. I had better speed through T9 and kept a tighter line hoping to get past. I didn't move far enough left and clipeed the left rear of the guy. Stupid mistake especially on lap 1.

    I'll check the replay tonight and submit my race report.

    Sorry to the guys who had close encounters with me from all of my spinnig off. Must have looked like a real rookie.

    PS: Just remmebered this but for some stranger reason my pit in notice popped up about a lap or two after my first stop. I thought I had somehow got a drive through penalty or something even though there was no such message. I went int the pits again, but all was normal so I just did a drive through for nothing. The same thing happened later on after my second planned stop but I just ignored it.

    Another thing. Anthony went stealth. His car became invisible to me. He left me loads of space to get by though (thanks Anthony). Don't know if this was just happening on my side though. The game seemed to jump a fe times.
  15. Is the server replay available for download anywhere?

    Never mind... found it ;)
  16. its oke Tom , i had no damage luckily! But after our accident Coen was out of reach .
    Better luck next time :)
  17. was a nice race, also if i got a lot of problems!!! :D

    Q: P3
    did my PB also with a not perfect lap, so i was just enough happy......

    R: P4 (P3 maybe......probably)
    started bad and lost 2 position......but it wasn't a problem because i know that the race is a bit long, and usually i like doing a relaxed first lap without risk to much.
    But in T14 of the first lap Cor van der Burg hit my back and i spun......that cause a big accident because i was in the middle of the exit line and was hit heavily by Kurt that couldn't doing nothing for not hit me......for that hit i lost front wing and a damage to the suspension and Kurt was forced to DNF.
    After that i did a big error, because i decided to do a whole lap, because i thought that my damage weren't so big (the pit crew didn't say nothing, really strange), so i lost a lot of time......after that i went in the pit and repaired all the damage.
    When i exit i was lapped by the first 5-6 cars so i had more than 100 seconds from the top of the race.
    So i focus to try to keep a good pace and to try to pass how many cars i can. I was enough fast and after the pit stop for the 2nd stint i found me that i was at only 60 seconds from Cor van der Burg, so i change my objective in "Try to erase that gap".......my strategy works well because when it start raining and after my tyre change i was only at 30s from him (in the mean time Coen was so kind to let me delapping, because he was traveling slow in the track because he was waiting for the raining).....
    So in the end in about 6 laps was able to arrive at 16 second from him and i took the 4th place!!!!

    So i'm really happy because after the disaster in the first lap i was able to safe the day with a nice 4th, maybe 3rd, we will see what the Race Director will decide.

    Thx to the admins, Mak Corp, and congrats to all the guys who take the car at home!!!

    was a shame that accident in the start, because without that maybe i could fight with Jakob and Coen for the first places, but this is the race life so i'm just happy that i was able to take my car at home!!!! :D
  18. Had a quick look at the server replay. The incident between you and me is TS672 (I'll stick it in my report) I lost it into the corner and spun (car balance was totaly crap at that stage). I tried to use the momentum I had left to roll off the track as I was on the racing line. Unfortunately I couldn;t do this fast enough as you and Coen were closer than I thought.

    I'll reserve my resonse on the phrasing of your post as sentiment can be misread.

    I should have remained stationary but I was angry and not thinking clearly. In future I'll come to a comlete stop first then access where everyone else is.

    It's a shame. You almost missed me. For a moment in the replay it looks like you are actually going to get through by taking a wider line (like Coen did) but then you turn a bit tighter and wham. I think it was due to locking your front right wheel.

    I made a similar mistake at TS2293

    This was a very scrappy race from my side :(
  19. (in the mean time Coen was so kind to let me delapping, because he was traveling slow in the track because he was waiting for the raining).....

    Hi Mattia,

    It was very nice off me, i was relaxing at that moment in the race and found it nice for me dont let u fight for delapping.
    I am so nice :)!!!!!!!:tongue: To good for this world, ahh

    Hope a better result next time!

  20. Had a good start whent from 10th i think to 8th then came out of turn 2 and to much gas and round i whent then i hit some one sorry whoever it was i did wait but they had to leave the race as there car was fooked. then started making my way up the table got to 5 place and my tyrs were gone and that was me in to the wall at the end of the lap.

    but hay only my 2nd race so i have lernt a bit and hope i do better next race

    well done to all who finished the race

    good racing as allways guys :)