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Division 1 - Sepang Race Reports

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Chris Jacque, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Race report
    Q1: P2
    I decided after a bit of testing with Jere that my race set-up minus fuel was the way to go here.
    P2 lap was scruffy but I could not better it so quite happy :) Congratz to Dimitry back in form I see!

    Special note, the game gave the last pit box on the grid, awesome :)

    Race: P1

    Amazing race! I must say thanks to the presto team for the weather randomness, adds a new dimension! Just keep it close to world series weather for the most part please :wink:
    Strategy was simple in a 1 stopper if it didn't rain and if it did then jump in and put the old wets on if it did without having to refuel.
    Through some testing the wets seemed to perform around a second a lap faster than inters IF you looked after them.
    My start was poor and by the time i hit 3rd gear Janek was up the outside of me which I didn't see coming sorry! Picked a good braking spot for T1 and was up into 2nd. Some mild contact from David but luckily nothing to worry about.
    Janek was on fire and I thought he must be light on fuel and running 2 stops, but he spun on the last hairpin and I inherited 1st.
    Dimitry was closing me down fast, I believed he was also 2 stopping so I didn't put up much of a fight and planned to draft him down the straights if I could keep up and hopefully let him do all the hard work to pull us away from the chasing pack.
    He passed on lap 7 into T1.
    All was going well until I decided to brake whilst turning into the long right hander, slow motion spin and back to 3rd :poop:
    I rejoined behind Janek and then managed to creep up on him, all very fair but I did not like your lap 17 effort going off track :rally: to avoid the tow TS1707.07 I did think about following but thought better of it.
    He pitted end of lap 18 and I knew I had to have a good in-lap. Did ok and managed to emerge ahead of both Janek and Dimitry which surprised me. Some guys were running long so I was out in 3rd, managed to catch and pass Peter Marshall on lap 22. Vincenzo pitted lap 24 and I regained the lead.
    Now I got lucky here, Dimitry and Janek started scrapping with themselves and also got slowed a bit passing Peter so I managed to edge out a nice gap of 11+ secs until the sky turned on lap 33.
    I had a small issue here, I was lapping p11 and p12. Andy Paires moved out of the way,p11 and Vincenzo decided to jump him and not let me through for another 4 corners before I guess he realised I was there and braked unexpectedly and I ran into him :ups: . I must thank the Italian engineers as the car seemed to take the abuse this race in its stride. Miffed I decided not to do another lap on worn tyres and pitted. This worked out great as it stated to rain as I got my shiny new identical in appearance wet tyres.
    I emerged and managed to look after them well enough to see a good gap appear to Dimitry then used 1 gear higher each corner to ensure it came home in one piece.
    Fantastic race, really enjoyed it.
    Thanks guys :)

    Congratulations to all finishers tricky weather conditions.

    Special mention to Ventis for set-up help again and Jere for qualifying advice on Sunday :thanks:

    See you in Barcelona!

  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    total joke of a race

    started great, upto 4th by t2 until Rune came right through the side of me, then someone else bashed into the other side of me, i kept going with broken suspension, it didnt feel too bad until it got to the windy parts of the track then i struggled, from there Tim hit me twice and made an already damaged car pretty much undrivable, i struggled on to get hit this time by Per Anderson, this time id had enough, the car was undrivable, my fellow racers seemed intent on taking me out at every oppertunity so i gave up, angry from 4th at t2 lap 1 to last by lap 5, complete and utter waste of 3 weeks practise.
  3. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran


    Grats to all in front of me!

    Q: 17

    R: 13

    Clip version of the report:

    A nice clean first lap as far as I could see. Had a lot of fun the first five laps. Peter and me had about same pace that part of the race. This lasted until turn four when I went off out on the gravel.
    I made a misstake when I changed from medium to hard slicks. I noticed during practise that the tire temps was very high on medium and decided to use the hard compound on my heavy car.

    Thanks to all, cu in Spain.
  4. I have always driven with my good old microsoft sidewinder FF wheel and it has served me well. The only problem was the left paddle, and it wasn't reliable enough to use it in race. Sometimes it would not respond and other times it shifted down too many times. So I used a "temporary" solution (since the beginning of S3 :tongue:) which consisted of an other controller laying next to the wheel and one of its sticks used as a sequential shifter. It was a bit tough to race F1 with this so just last week I found a used G25 on the internet and bought it. So this was the first race in which I used a new wheel.

    Q: 11:th. Not a whole lot of practise, so it must be the wheel that made the difference :wink: . Usually I have been towards the rear end.

    R: 6:th.
    Had gone for a normal race strategy with one stop in the middle and medium tyres, but with a preset for rain tyres if it would start to come down.

    The start was good as I was unusually fast off the line. Kept my cool for the first laps and emerged in 6:th, with Nico hot on my tail for some time before I managed to open a gap. The rest of the stint I took it relatively easy and raced at my pace.

    I had problems during practise to keep my rear tyres from going off, so I wanted to pit in the middle to make them survive to the end if it didn't start to rain. This cost me some time and places because I was too slow at the end of my first stint.

    After the pit stop I eventually got to 7:th and was a couple of seconds behind Tim before he spun and I inherited 6:th. I kept it untill it got very dark overhead. Didn't know how fast the rain would pick up so I stayed out one lap extra. Not the best move I realised pretty soon, but I didn't seem to loose anything on it as I got out still in 6:th with Tim behind me.

    He begun to pressure me and we were side by side through the last turn at one point. Nice battle :thumb: Then in the fast double right hander Janek rejoined the track just infront of me. I eased off and he let me past on the left hand side. No harm there, but in the breaking for the next hairpin he hit me when I reached the apex. I spun around and got on the gravel so Tim got passed. But the car was fine and Janek let me passed even though I was slow to get away. I could hang on to 6:th to the end despite Janek being really close to me at the finish line.

    Really satisfied with my race. Not that fast, but really solid and hardly any mistakes. The only time I got off track was when I was hit. I must have been the new wheel :D

    Cheers all and see you next time.
  5. Pretty quiet on the forum..
    Time to spice it up! hehe

    I see from a previous post that we are doing dirty laundry in public now..
    Well if we do, we should make sure we have the story correct... nuff said.
    Everyone have practiced for 3 weeks. And all are dissapointed for not finishing races if they have incidents.
    But all incidents should be reported in the race report, and will be judged reasonably.

    Qualify: P12 with a PB, satisfied taken in mind my lack of time the last week.
    Race: Had a clean, but not very fast start. Remained on P12-P13 the first laps.
    On lap 3 i had a opertunity to overtake David TurnBull into turn 4, we where right beside each other, there might been a slight contact between us, but not any damaging contact, David got the upper hand and continued ahead of me.
    After that i had a pretty straight forward raced, almost hit Vincenzo in turn 9 lap 10, but managed to stear away from him, caused myself a spin. lost a couple of places. Did an ok pitstop on lap 19th, from there i drove ok until lap 33, i saw the clouds coming up, i jumped into the pit as i expected the rain to hit very soon, didnt want to take that chance. I was in a comfertable 8th position when i dived into the pits. Only to find out that the pitstop bug struck me :-(, i selected intermediates, and pressed confirm, car was twisted to the side, and somewhat lifted up, the counter and text didnt show up, i was hanging int the air there for 10 seconds before i was thrown back to pitline track, without any tyre change :-(. so then i had to race in the rain with worn medium slick tyres. not a good soloution, my only hope was that it was going to stop rain, but that was not the case, so i ended up last of the finishers. 14th place.

    Thats my story, and im sticking to it! :)

    Hoping for better luck in Spain.

    Se ya all there!
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ok so after my hasty first post, ill try again....

    qualifying not bad.....:cool:

    start of race gained upto 4th at turn 1, going into turn 2 (ts 137.77) Rune bangs the side of my car, coming out of turn 2 Rune had taken my place and i was 5th, i pulled over towards the kerb where Tim was obviously tryin to get up the inside of me, we collided, no problems here. At the last corner on lap 1 while in 5th or 6th Janek had a spin further ahead, he turns the car around in middle of the road when 2 of us were tryin to get round(ts 215.01), i hit him as he pulls back onto the racing line while recovering, no major damage, id lost another few positions at this but kept going when on lap 3 turn 2 Tim hits me (ts 330.99) and spins me out damaging my back suspension, we keep going yet again into turn 4 where Per tries to overtake but obviously brakes too late and goes into the side of me (ts 350.38)no major damage caused here (and that is the way it happened btw just like i said before, you hit me, i didnt try to make it as if you ruined my race, i didnt say you caused my damage so dont take things too far because you saw your name mentioned),anyhoo onwards we go for more destruction derby antics, on lap 5 i took Valter out of the game, a combination of car being wrecked and late braking sent me right into the side of him in turn 4 (ts 641.81) im sorry Valter dont know what else to say :frown:.

    anyhoo ill need to try keep a lid on my temper, i say/type what i feel at the time, worry about consequences later:frown: (thats the Scotsman in me :tongue:), i know none of the incidents were ment so im not going to bleat on about it, well done podium and cya's all next race :)
  7. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Congratulations Chris, Dmitry and Anthony. [/FONT] :trophy::trophy::trophy:

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Qualifying:[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]On my first run I experienced a black screen and major freeze; first time this has happened to me [and hopefully the last] as I am an ATI card user. The game came back after 10 seconds and I found myself backed up against the wall. I do hope that I did not compromise anyone's hot lap.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]The second run went well enough and I found myself in 13th place at the end of the session. The furtherest I have been up the grid this season by quite a margin.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Race:[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]First lap was OK. I lost a position on the run down to Turn 1 and another exiting Turn 4. I set about chasing down those “lost” places, but first I would loose another place to Sean on lap 2. Now in 16th and 2nd last, strategy and consistency would be key to having any success. Being heavy on fuel [104L] and running hard compounds I was well prepared to run the long game. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Closing slowly up behind up Valter, it looked to be another great tussle building between us. I had better straight line speed though I'd fall back through the high speed corners. Lap 6 saw an end to that battle when Valter and David came together at the exit of turn 4.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]13th position, clear track front and back and the first thing I do is cut turn 11 and run wide off the track; lack of concentration, heavy car, but no excuse. Got it together and raced on [a very lonely race now :frown:] and found myself in 12th place due to an unseen retirement ahead of me.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]It was not until lap 21 that I saw another car on track and it was Valter ahead of me, though not in position. Chris then closed up behind behind me and I knew it must be getting close to time for me to pit. I didn't fight Chris too hard, nor Dmitry or Janek who all passed me cleanly through various corners over the next two laps.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Pitted on lap 23, fuelled up and with Medium Compounds fitted emerged in 11th place having passed Vincenzo in the lane. Finally I see a car I can chase ahead! I try unsuccessfully to match lap times with Mr Andersen.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]At the end of lap 29 I passed Nicolai who was clearly recovering from a spin. We raced each other into Turn 1 where we sorted out who owned which part of the track and had the preferred line into Turn 2.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]10th place now and chasing down Andy for 9th and it felt as though I was indeed back in a race.:cool: Wrestling the position off Andy at the end of the lap, Nicolai still appeared to be quite anxious to relieve me of my place. I ran some of my quickest laps of the race to hold position when the gray clouds appeared :cloudy:. We both decided to risk another lap and then the rain began to fall soon after.[/FONT]:rain:

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]8th place and I entered the pit lane well ahead of Nicolai to fit a set of wets. Nico pitted just as I left my box. The car handled well in the wet conditions, though I noticed the white dot of race leader, Chris, slowly closing up. The gap to Nico behind me had blown out to 20 seconds so I pulled over to allow Chris a safe pass and knocked a lap off my own race as well [tactics]. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]I have always enjoyed driving around Sepang and am well pleased with a solid result to a very up and down race. My season improves as development continues back at the factory.[/FONT]:pcbeat:

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Thank you to all and especially to our admins', Nico, Rune and Per.[/FONT]:doublethumb:
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]CU all at Barcelona!
  8. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Firstly sorry for my lack of race reports and general forum posts lately. Had a few things going down outside of racing, all of which has worked out well. But enough of excuses...

    Qual: The night before the race I decided that qualifying practice was more important than sleep, so I only allowed myself 1 and a half hours of sleep and spent the rest trying to come up with a decent time. It kind of worked and I managed to qualify 4th with a reasonable time all things considered.

    Race: I was very slow of the line, but was still surprised to see Anthony on my left and David on my right. Things were pretty crazy into T1, and without trying to stir things up too much, it did seem like Davids extremely brave dive down the inside into T1 was only successful after using Chris' Ferrari as a brake. (It might well be that the server replay is different from mine, if so my apologies)

    After some dueling with David I managed to take advantage of his misfortune and slide by. I then got a bit lazy and he managed to cruise around my outside with a nice move. To be honest I'm now forgetting what order things happened in, and I'm at work so no reply. I don't remember hitting David twice and I did check the replay on that. Lap 3 T2 I do confess too. I apologize for that hit, it was pretty simple, David was going slower than I was expecting I misjudged it and ran up the back of him. I waited to let him stay ahead, but sadly I obviously damaged his suspension. Sorry David. I had already sustained suspension damage in an earlier incident but it wasn't bad enough to effect me too much. I'm really not sure what the other hit was? timestamp?

    From there on the race went pretty well. I had planned to 2 stop with or without rain, which as it turned out was going to be a complete disaster had the rain not come. I was very relieved when the sky turned dark, I ducked in for some wets and a slash of fuel and managed to put in some decent wet laps, closing the gap to Rune (who probably backed off) and finding myself wishing for another 10 laps.

    Finished 5th, and felt like I didn't deserve to be much higher in this one. I loved the 10 weather file system, fantastic idea, well implemented, looking forward to some more complex scenarios.

    Thanks to all those who make this league possible and once again apologies to David.

    Edit: And of course congrats to Chris who had us well covered this race, to Jet making a triumphant return to the dais and my teammate who is starting to string together some great results.

  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    lol why do you feel the need to mention incidents that caused you no problems? the incident with Chris is already pointed out by Chris and if you check the replay again you will notice that his tragectory didnt change, mine on the other hand did as id slammed on the brakes, obviously Chris didnt deem it bad enough to moan about it, as it didnt affect anyone race , and btw this was nothing to do with you so id appreciated if you'd only talk about incidents involving us instead of trying to highlight my mistakes to ease your own consience.

    you did hit me twice, just not in the order i first blurted out, and ive already explained the frst time, was as much my fault as yours and caused no damage so thought no point adding its timestamp, was turn 2 lap 1 btw if you want to be fussy about it, and now youve explained the second one so now theres no problem with either.

    anyhoo apology accepted.
  10. Fantastic race,

    I put lots of work to create a perfect race setup that could produce a fast and balanced car on heavy fuel to my liking and fine tuned it to have all 4 tyres wearing almost at the same rate, i thought this time i was ready to challenge the front...but!!!...just when we moved to the practice race start session, "i was still half way sleeping ", i highlighted the race setup and Without realizing what i was doing i clicked on delete icon instead of load icon and pressed confirm...disaster...the setup disappeared...and to make things even worst the game kicked me out and rejoined a minute after the qualy started.......

    Q: i thought i put a descent lap but it was very tight at the front and managed only P8; well done guys.

    R: i had less than 2 minutes to think and come up with a race setup...the best way was to load my qualy set up, do whatever changes i could remember and jump on track...
    i had a reasonable start , defended my position and ended behind David And Tim, i do not know what happened to Nico and Rune but somehow they ended up behind me, then Tim and David had a moment and found myself in p5 i think.

    I was on 1 stop, 80 liters fuel, medium tyres , aggressive short stint for 15 laps , then pit for another 80 liters fuel , hard tyres to last to the end of the race unless I need to pit for wet.
    As soon I start pushing the car to make my strategy work, the car start to under steer a lot " i hate when car understeer " and remembered that the front antiroll bar for the qauly was very high and should have been reduced before the race start, I could not attack and was struggling for the whole race.

    Me and Rune have been in on track fight in most races this year, and again this time he was behind pushing me, we were on the same strategy and we had the same pace, we pitted exactly at the same time when rain come down, my car was impossible to drive on full wet, it refused to turn and I was so slow, he really made me sweat to keep my position , and honestly still do not know how I could survive the last 5 laps and managed to finish 3rd…

    Well-done for Chris and Jet for a superb drive, and to all who survived this race :)Thank you all for a great race, it was a great idea to have mixed weather with different scenarios, special thanks to Nico , Per and Rune .:thumbup:

    See u soon on track
  11. Apologies for responding so late, especially to you David, couldn't find the time before. Apologies also for the total lack of race reports from my part this season, I'm not much of a writer and always seem to end up prioritizing doing something else, particularly if I've been as swamped in work as these last few months.

    More apologies follows: David, I've studied the replay and realized that I was indeed way too aggressive in L1T2. I'm not sure what got into me, at the moment I thought "I'm taking the inside here, and won't give away", which is more aggressive than I like to be. I thought I could get away with it since I had my car halfway up the side of yours from the inside, but from the replay I can see that I also kind of "steered outwards", e.g. didn't follow the inside properly and hit you. So no excuses there, I should have given way and will be more careful to do so in the future. I'll accept any punishment for this. :sorry:

    I will try to get a full race report out as soon as possible, hopefully later tonight.

    Meanwhile, grats to the podium and also all finishers, and thanks for making it a great event.

  12. Like Rune, apologies for lack of race report lately.

    Qual: Did PB and held 5th spot until team mate Rune did exactly the same time as me and demoted me to 6th. I still claim that I should have had 5th spot as I did 1:30:054 first :rolleyes:

    I have made a little youtube video of my race, including all passes I made and made on me and also all contact with other cars. Basically it is the pictures to the events below.

    Had an ok'ish start but as Tim in front of me was slow off the line I had to lift off the accelerator a bit not to hit him and was passed by two cars I think before t1. Being 8th I get a bit too close to the car ahead of me in t4, touched him slightly and got a very bad line through the turn (my fault though). Got passed by two cars and was now 10th.

    Made a move on the inside of turn 9 against Vincenzo. At the time and also in hindsight I think the pass was a bit too aggressive and I'm not proud of it. Sorry Vincenzo :frown:

    Still early in the race Daniel goes too fast into turn 14, misses the apex by 2 meters or so and allows me to pass him early on the back straight. I'm not able to pull away from him and he is only 1 car length behind me as he takes the inside of t15 and passes me. I manage somehow to turn into him, luckily only disadvantaging myself as Alex gets ahead of me as well.

    One lap later (I think) I make a move on the inside of Alex going into t15. He sees me and allows me enough space. Going side by side through the turn I get a bit ahead of Alex while he obtains greater speed. I allow enough space on the outside as Alex accelerates past me. I then suck onto his slip stream and make a pass on the inside of t1 and am ahead again. I shut the door on him going into t2, by rear left makes contact with his front right and I think it is here I obtain a suspension damage. No drama though, it was a pure incident and it did not hinder me much either. Next lap (maybe) Alex passes me on the inside of t15. I saw him coming and allowed enough space on the inside.

    After this I make a mistake that allows a few cars ahead of me again. This allows me in turn to make a pass on the inside of Vincenzo heading towards t9.

    I spin my car going into t15 on lap 16. 3 cars passes me and I decide to go into the pits and change tyres.

    Leaving the pits with fresh tyres and fresh legs (I got to shake them a bit while I was in the pits) I do 10 more or less steady and "fast" laps and catch up with Andy on the back straight. I make a pass on his outside, but he doesn't see me and start squeezing me closer and closer to the edge of the track. At the very last moment, when the extra tarmac on the side of the track is about to run out Andy sees me and I'm allowed back on track. I complete my pass and am now ahead.

    After this I make numerous mistakes, another pass and another mistake, before Peter passes me on the s/f straight. I get into his slip stream and make an attempt on the inside of t1. To my surprise I didn't manage to outbreak Peter so I was not side by side with him when he started turning in and we made contact. It was my mistake and I allowed Peter to keep his position.

    There are some more fighting with Peter and Pace, but in the end Peter is too strong for me and pulls away. And when the rain arrived :thunder: I was toast meat. I had not prepared much for it I must admit.

    So, 11th position in the end, not good enough, need to work harder for the Barca race :doublethumb:
  13. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    dont worry about it and im not asking for penalties for anyone, i was angry at the time but like i said i type first and think later, i dont expect anyone that hit me to get a penalty and certainly dont want them to recieve one, im as guilty as the next guy of mistakes that cause folk problems.
  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Race report film, fine idea, says more than any text. Great for me who can not master the language perfectly. All the subtle shading is lost when I write something other than the mother tongue. Maybe I can blame the Google translation homepage for that:D
    By the way, thanks for the complicated wheather stuff, it makes the race even more thrilling.

  15. Oh, I forgot some things.

    I didn't notice that Alex was lapped when he came up behind me after the incident in the rain so I think I blocked him a bit. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    And thanks for the nice weather! It was fun with rain, and not knowing exactly when or even if it would strike. The "different weather files"-system works great. :good:
  16. It took me four days, but I finally got around to make a brief race report. :rolleyes:

    Q: I struggled to get close to my PB; in the practice race I set a 1.29.76 without much difficulty, this time I nearly failed to get close to 1.30. Finally managed to set a 1.30.054, the exact same time as Nicolai, which placed me 6th on the grid, luck put me in front of Nico.

    R: Had an OK start, passed and was passed, and after the initial turns and the aforementioned aggressive move on David I think I ended up 4th. Sorry again. :frown: After another lap I was 3rd, since Janek had an incident in the final turn. Managed to go off track in T6 on lap 3 though, and lost a couple of positions. :bad:

    From that I was in a very familiar situation - I was running 2 seconds, more or less, behind Anthony and unable to close the gap. As he mentioned we had the same pace and the same strategy, so when the rain started in lap 33 or so I was still 2 seconds behind. He seemed to cope with the changed conditions a bit better than me and built up a larger gap, I think we were around 4 seconds apart over the finish line. Many thanks for another "time-fight" Anthony, always keeps me on my toes :)

    So 4th in the end - a great result for me, but with a bitter taste regarding the incident with David. Nice to see so many liking the weather structure - thanks to Nico who came up with and implemented the idea :thumbup:

    Thanks for a great race and see you all in Barcelona! :cool:

  17. +1 :good:

    It's nice to have a weather forecast that is not set in stone. Adds to the realism and heightens the sense of anticipation.


  18. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Sounds like I missed out on some good action:frown:

    Val D was cool tho :thumbup:

    I'll be on the Barca server very soon (just as soon as I've recovered from my 850 mile drive today)

  19. Welcome back Jim, we've missed you, I guess that was my very first race without you on the track :)