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Div 1 Barcelona Race Reports

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jim Hawley, May 6, 2010.

  1. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Just to keep div 1 n 2 separate
  2. QUAL: Personal best 1:17.8, that let me take P6

    RACE: First of all sorry to Janek for touch in T1 L1. I am really sorry man. Only after watching the replay I realised what I did. If Race Director gives me a punishment - I'll accept it.
    Then there was a contact with David in T5 L1. Here I don't feel guilty. Stewards to decide who was right and who was not.

    After that I had a mistake in Sector 3, which broke my suspension and I lost 1 position. It was hard to drive my car, but I brought it home to pits in L23, and while the damage was repairing I lost 1 positon to Peter. From that moment I was just trying to bring the car home, and it was almost done.......... L45.... I made a mistake in exit to the back straight and spin... While I was accelerating after that, Nicolai (already lapped by me) overtakes me and we had a contact, which let Mark to acquire 1 position.

    On one hand - this is my best finish this season, on another one - too many mistakes and lost positions. Mixed feelings...

    My accidents:
    L1 time stamp 137.00 -- A.Galyutin vs J.Grabowski (totally my fault)
    L1 time stamp 163.00 -- A.Galyutin vs. D.Turnbull
    L45 time stamp 3937.00 -- A.Galyutin vs N.Nicolson

    +some offs at the hairpin after the back straight......
  3. Congratulations Tim and Chris!:trophy::trophy::trophy:


    As I expected, it was difficult, but not impossible, to find a slot to drop into when leaving the pits. It all went well enough and I ran a fair time in the mid 1'18”s securing 13th place.


    I got off the line and lost 2 places on the run down to Turn 1 [15th ]. There was a LOT of smoke in the air as I went into the turn so I choose a wide line through Turn 2 gaining a position back in the process [14th]. On the way through Three, I again choose a safe and defensive line tightly through the apex which proved wise as more smoke appeared; inherited two more positions [12th].

    Sticking with a theme I tightly held my line through Turn 4 keeping close to Jim into Turn Five where more smoke and dust rose from the outside curbing indicating another position gained [11th]. Jim ran a little wide through Nine and I got a run on him down the inside of the straight passing him into Turn 10 [10th]. Lap 2, more dust rose on the approach to Turn 1; exiting Turn 2 I had gained another place [9th].

    The race now settled down quickly as I followed Daniel ahead. After a few laps I discovered that I was not catching him and the gap back to Jim was slowly growing; time to nurse the tyres and concentrate on the braking points.

    Halfway through the stint I passed Artyom through Turns 8 & 9 [8th]. After that I slowly began to close the gap on Daniel ahead [never really got close to him] though I was still being as light footed on the tyres as I could.

    Lap 12 and I was on the gearbox of Alex in the final turn; had a bit of a look into Turn 1 but wasn't quite close enough. Followed Alex all the way into the pit lane on lap 23 where my pit crew once again did a great job leaving the lane ahead in 10th place.

    After many solid laps, I had maintained the gap to Alex. With all the pit stops over I found myself running in 5th place. Closing up on Jim's gearbox I began to worry a tad that the gap behind me had started to fall [< 3 seconds]. Nico then allowed me by after the final chicane, as he recovered the track, and I continued to chase after Jim.

    Eventually, Tim lapped Alex, the gap grew [> 7 seconds] and I began to relax a bit. Tim lapped me with about two laps to go. Somewhere along the way Daniel must have an issue and I drove by Dmitry who had parked it off track.

    Amazingly I finished in 3rd place!:cool:

    Thank you all! :doublethumb:
    An eventful race and my best result this season.:eek::eek:

    Looking forward to Silverstone.
  4. Congratulations to Tim and Chris! Grats podium!

    Very good start for me, because I set a very good lap close to my PB. The first stint was rather good, I was able to stay in the leading group. But soon I freezed (L13?), fortunately without big troubles, but anyway such accidents breaks your rythm.
    And finally I could not see the checkered flag, because I had wrong calculatings on fuel.
    Grats to all who finished!
  5. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    my report....

    qualifying 7th with a pb :)

    race starts,not bad hold positions after the first few corners until Alex drives into the side of me taking me off track and causing me to fall to last position, i do think you were at fault for this m8, ive watched the replay from all angles and i was ahead by more than half car length going into the corner which in my mind gives me the racing line, but anyhoo we'll let the stewards decide that one, further on time stamp round about 320 mark Valter has a moment so i took my chance to get past him, he shoots over the track right into me, causing my car to go up in the air and smack the wall, it ruined my suspension and any chance i had of getting back into the race, i pitted the same lap for repairs and set out again, being stuck behind guys who were now a lap in front of me, id totally lost concentration by this time and really couldnt be bothered by yet another wasted wednesday, tbh its getting harder and harder to turn up for these knowing roughly the same will happen, anyhoo good race to the guys who finished.

    cya for the next ramfest
  6. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race

    Q, mid 18's puts me somewhere in the middle

    R, got away Ok and took it easy first lap, lost a couple of places over the next 10 laps or so as I was trying to nurse the tyres though to lap 29/30 but they were shot after 25 so I lost a lot of time 4-5 secs a lap for 5 laps, but I was reluctant to pit in case it rained, anyway... pitted on 29 and returned with a nice shiny set of meds... pretty much last by this point but I was quite fast

    Came up behind Andy and pressured him as much as I dare... then he gets slightly sideways in turn 3 and I hit his rear left sending us both off:frown: nightmare:frown: I've looked at it over and over and I'm sure I could have done/lifted more to avoid it, so in short "my fault":sorry: (TS 3099)

    we both rejoined without losing a great deal and I continued to follow him until he hits a curb too hard and spins.... after that I picked up a few places as others fell off and finished up 9th

    I'm pretty chuffed to finish the race with so little practice but sad that Andy and I made contact:frown: the team boss wants to see me in his office first thing in the morning:eek:

  7. :D:D
  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran


    Well done podium and everyone!

    Q 19

    R 13

    A nice first half lap where I gained some positions. Handling was not perfect but I have my self to blame for that. My engineers tried to help me but I f****d it up.

    Edit. I forgot about a spin in T10 during first lap.

    David catches up with me before the backside chicane on lap 3. I can see that he is fast and closing. To avoid getting beaten up after the race, I move aside a little to make room for him in the chicane. But, my god, I loose control and ram him of the track. Afterwards I waited, safe and slow, with two wheels on the grass at the back straight, and looked at the track map to see if he was coming. After some waiting I had to go on when he didn’t show up. Now I’m afraid to show myself around the pits. - I am very sorry David for causing you damage, I wish it could be undone.

    When I made contact with David I got suspension trouble. The car was funny after that, but I decided to wait until the fuel level had dropped a bit before going in to pit for regular stop and repair.

    My pace was slow and I only passed cars in trouble or in pit, but on the positive side, I looked real cool driving around in the Team Sweden Hansson Honda:cool:

    Thanks to all!
    See you in the UK
  9. I showed up a bit late for practice as I was on a football match (watching) and had to rush home the minute the referee blew his whistle. Managed to do a ok time (1.18.6xx) and got 15th spot or so (have not checked replay yet).

    Did a safe start avoiding all trouble, and as Peter I lost a place or two but quickly gained that back and more when I passed the "smokey areas". I was happy with my pace, made a few passes on heavy Team Jupiler cars. After 15 laps or so I mess up, hit the wall and ruin my front wing and suspension. I manage to get my car back to the garage, fix all damages and fuel up for the rest of the race.

    After leaving the pits I was right behind Vincenzo who is one lap ahead of me (but he hsa not done his pit stop). After a few laps I make my move and unlap myself and quickly put some distance back to Vincenzo. A quick look at the mini map it looks like Vincenzo goes for the pits.

    Moments later I get a blue flag warning, I look in the mirrors and see that Vincenzo again is on my tail. I get very confused as I do not understand how he suddenly is right behind me again. When I let him past me I realise that it isn't Vincenzo but Chris who has the same skin. I hope I didn't hold you up too much Chris, sorry for that.

    A bit later I get another car behind me, I think it was Daniel Hanssen who also is a lap ahead of me. Strangely enough he does not seem able to close the 2 second gap or so and again I get a bit confused as to what to do. In the end I think I make a mistake at the end of the lap and Daniel gets pass me. I hope I didn't hold you up either Daniel, have to check the replay.

    I cannot remember contact with Alex, but I have no doubt he is right anyway. I had great trouble towards the end of the race since I had a very early pit stop resulting in my tyres virtually gone and in addition I got a broken suspension.

    Anyhoo, I need to watch the replay!

    Thanks for a great race with several good battles!

  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Do we need to email the RD with an incident report as well?, or is it Ok if the detail and time stamps are included here on the forum report?


  11. Email por favor. If you have the time stamps in your forum report, then just copy and past the relevant part :)
  12. Qualy was ok ... improved 0.4s to my best ... but only P11 :turtle:

    race was shorter than the last one ... only 1 lap :eek:

    in turn 3 i avoid a crash with daniel hanson, for some reason he was slowing down right in front of me
    in the full throttle sector after turn 2 :eek:
    so i came on the slippy part of the track -> i became understeering ->
    pressed throttle to become balance -> but to much -> spun slowly -> had contact with rune bakke -> we lost our cars ... sorry for that rune, but it was out of control for me !

    i also I have to say SORRRY to Valter Ostman for pushing him in the frist lap at turn 10 ...
    I was too optimisitic, really sorry :rolleyes:

    ... all the luck i had i used in the F3000 seasons i think :wink:

    Grats to podium and all finishers !!!

  13. Q: Managed to make a good time and ended in 9:th place, which is pretty high up for me if you compare to the previous races. Happy with that, but I had at least 3 tenths more in me on my last attempt, but blew it on a silly mistake.

    R: Fast off the line but had to lift a bit when the one infront didn't have an equally good one. Took it easy as usuall during the first corners where I rather lift off than mess up the race. In T5 I had Janek on my inside. On the exit a car spun infront of me so I had to pull to the left and lift off. Making this I knew I was slow and a car was coming much faster behind me to my right so I kept to the left side. But I had somehow forgot Janek was there and sqeezed him off the track untill I notised that I was in contact with something to my left. Sorry for that. Luckily no real harm was done.

    After that the race settled and I stayed behind Alex pretty easily, but had a hard time trying to get close enough to make a pass. This led to me following him for a bunch of laps untill he made a mistake and I could slip passed. Now I was in 6:th and could race on my own to the pit stop. But then I made my only significant mistake when I put my left wheels on the grass and couldn't turn in to the next corner. Ran straight ahead and hit the curb on the outside and the car spun. It cost me some time but no places.

    By the time pit stops came around I was in 5th with some distance back and in front. After that I got passed Jim when he was on worn rubber. But to be honest I launged a bit too agressive for my own taste on the inside in the hairpin, but he opened the door, so not even close to contact. That put me in 4:th, so I had passed one in the pits. It was probably Anthony who now was some seconds behind me and hunted me. But something happened to him as the gap to the next car suddenly got big.

    So I was comfortably on my way to my best fpes result ever when the freeze struck. It happaned when I was about to brake for T4 and I was gone for 40 seconds. When it came back I had teleported a bit futher on the track to the grass on the inside and was still in 7:th gear, so I had no chance to avoid ramming Rune. So unlucky for you, being really in the wrong place at the wrong time :frown: . My speed was still high so I went over the gravel and hit the barrier hard. Remarkably the front wing was still attached but the suspension was a mess. Had to pit and lost even more.

    Came out in 13th but got 10th in the end. Gutted about loosing what would have been a poduim, but thats just the way it goes. I look on the positives: good q and r, but still with a clear potential to be faster.

    See you next time!
  14. Sorry Martin :frown: . But I had to slow down because David was a bit off track infront of me, and he was therefore going to be slow in to the next corner. I saw that and lifted to both adapt my pace and make sure I had a couple of metres between us, in case his car was unsettled after riding over the inside curbs. That would give me time to react if he would spin.
  15. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no problem Valter, dont worry about it, nice video btw :)
  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I know that it wasn't intentional, forget it. There was no damage to the car of the touch.

  17. to Daniel Hanson: no problem daniel, i know you had a reason for slowing down :)
    to Valter Ostman: good to read you had no damage, sry again :)
  18. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    lol race report wasnt their thought it was this week doh ! after f1 race.
  19. Race Report

    Chris Jacque

    Managed a relatively decent lap to end up 4th, not great, but not too bad :)

    An ok start saw me able to push into T1, and then a mistake by Dimitry at the end of sector 2 saw me promoted to 3rd
    Mark was next on the 'hit list' but it was soon evident my wet weather set-up (only one i actually felt comfortable with, very strange) had too much wing to overtake ont he straights, so i sat back, looked after the rubber somewhat in anticipation for 23 laps on mediums and watched him and Tim tussle in the twisties.
    Pace at this point I realised Tim and Mark were going to be a problem on worn tyres, luckily Mark touched the gas too early on exit of the new chicane :bad: and I inherited 2nd.
    I was on TS with Tim so we placed our cards on the table as to strategies and his was far superior, so I did not see the need to push 110% to close the gap when he would walk off later in the stint anyway.
    I pitted lap 23 ran over my box losing some time reversing, but no worries.
    In either 1st or 2nd stint I had a little spin on the last chicane, but no major worry about time back to Dimitry so on I soldiered in quite a lonely race to finish 2nd.

    Big congratz to Tim he put some serious time into getting a good strategy and set-up!

    See you at the oh so inaccurate, ridiculously grippy and bumpy Silverstone!


    PS can we have a preliminary weather report for this event as it will dictate my participation in worlds if they vary too much!
  20. No problem at all Martin! Actually I was very unsure if that was my fault at the moment, since I was the one coming from behind and could have surrendered the line to you. But after watching the replay I saw that it happened because you lost rear grip. Anyway it was merely an incident, and I got no damage, and I hope you didn't either.

    I didn't lose any positions or get damage from it, so don't worry :) It really made me jump though :eek:

    I had considerably less practice than usual for Barcelona, so both my qual and race pace was under par for this one. So a 10th in qual and a 7th in the race was a great result for me. Grats to Tim, Chris, Peter and all finishers! :thumb:

    See you at Silverstone!

    Rune :)