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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Dustin Barton, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. First, amazing job on creating this program, the tracks look amazing. My only problem is the price. Is there any way to implement a casual license? I don't have enough time with my job and life to do anything useful with the 14 day trial, but I also don't see myself creating a lot tracks or using this often...

    Hence why a casual license would be great. A bit more textures'/features than the demo, but not everything the full license has. $79.97 AUD is $64.96 USD, which is A LOT for something I know I won't have the time to use as much as I'd like. I don't mind $20 or 25 but $65 is pretty high for the reasons stated above.

    So yeah, just asking if it's been considered or if there are any discounts/anything to lower the price a bit.
  2. tre


    Can you hold still for a moment while we attach an "IGNORE" sign to your forehead. What Piddy is charging for this excellent piece of software is absolutely nothing compared to what it provides. If the price was 10 times what it is it would still be very reasonable compared to what commercial 3D-software costs. You try going to your local paper and see if you can get it half price because you only read half of the articles...
  3. I do not think that the price is high
  4. Ever heard of this thing called 'Windows'? For some reason MS thinks people like options; 'Home Premium', 'Business', 'Ultimate'...seems to work surprisingly well. Why should I pay for Ultimate when I only need the features of Home Premium?

    Perhaps your little mind is overwhelmed by that example, so here's another. If you commute to work and it's a 30 mile drive each way, gas is $5+ a gallon, and your paycheck needs to stretch as far as if can, are you going to buy a gas guzzling SUV that gets 12 MPG and costs $40,000, or a hybrid that gets 60 MPG and costs $30,000?

    All i'm saying is a 'lite' version of Bob's Track Builder would surely appeal to a number of people.
  5. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Can we try to communicate on a reasonable level please?
  6. what would be the point in a lite version, in order to build these tracks properly you'd need the full version otherwise you 'd need to buy some other program in order to finish the tasks you can't in the lite version you would have to buy the said program and then learn how to use it.....this does not seem logical captain.

    spock out:lololololol:coffee2:
  7. It's simply not practical when you think about it. The demo has all the features of the licensed version so it can't have 'a bit more features than the demo'. The textures are a bit of a side issue, as in practice most people make their own.

    So a 'lite' version such as you suggest would mean having less features than the demo - that would mean a version where you couldn't plant trees or use objects for example, and that would just be frustrating because you could only create very basic tracks.
  8. for all features you have, btb is a full version with lite price. respect brandons hard work, you buy it one time and get full support and every new versions new great features.
    In my opinion , forget your question.

  9. What about the people who bought Pro and then had to turn around and buy Evo?
  10. Quote: What about the people who bought Pro and then had to turn around and buy Evo?

    You didn't have to buy the EVO version. And they are basically two different products, they export on two different levels as far as the way files are handled. Also as far as I am aware you cannot export to RBR or rfactor from just the EVO version?

    If someone had bought PRO originally they wouldn't have got it thinking that you would get the EVO version for free or even that Piddy was planning on doing this add-on.

    If Piddy wants to bring out an export option for other games in the future you wouldn't assume it would be for free, but essentially people who bought BTB PRO can still do the same things they did prior to EVO without having to invest in the EVO package. No-one would have been misled about that.

    Personally i think this program is cheap and you wouldn't find any software of this kind for under $100.00 American or Australian and the level of support.