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Disconections from the race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Neil Gault, May 3, 2009.

  1. It seems of late there has been a lot of guys getting their races ruined by suffering from the age old disconnection mid race, i know it is not always possible for some of you but when possible it is worth paying that bit extra for a static ip address this way if your connection does drop then if your router is quick enough it can reconnect without you getting kicked from the race, yes you will be the disappearing car on the track and it can scare the crap out of other drivers but at least the race is not ruined for you.
  2. I had that problem. What do you mean exactly with investing in a more steady ip adress?
    How do you get a more steady ip adress?
  3. atleast here where i life a line with a static ip would be way to expensive as the slowest line the offer with it is 100 m/bit up/down without flat o.O
    so out of question :)
  4. Kinda weird it's so differently per country. Here in the Netherlands a static IP is common. I have my current IP since I'd go to this ISP 1.5 years ago. As far as I know your IP is only dynamic at some cable internet ISP's and dial-in. I'm happy static IP is the norm here, as it's easier with access from another pc, easier for regulations on a forum if you're a moderator, IP ban is easy in such cases if you can make proxies unusable ;).

    Also static IP is useful if you have a server at home that's shared with other people.
    My current connection costs €18 per month.
    4mbit down/1mbit up
    no bandwidth limits
    static ip
    several mailboxes from ISP

    @ Bert
    As far as I know in Belgium it's all dynamic IP's. (And internet is expensive in Belgium)
  5. Rob Goldthorpe

    Rob Goldthorpe
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    My IP changes once every 1 or 2 months.. No real problems with disconnections, only with the game I think.
  6. @ johan, i know now, asked around a bit... But i think i can bypass the belgium system now, yes indeed internet is so darn expensive here you need to be able to take it into full account on yr monthly salary. I heard of you guys in holland, though. You're lucky. I can't understand wy it's the same here. We are almost the same, only slightly different accents. lol. Like American vs english.
    I guess the marketmonopolys of telenet and Belgacom adsl are the ones to blame. Grrr

    I did a little bit of searching around the web and came across this simple solution. I fixed mine the same way now and internet works, as you can see. So that's already one thing, now hopefully no more "server connection lost" messages!:victory:

  7. Yeah the duopoly in Belgium is terrible and should be against the law. I hope for you the EU will do something against those practices
    Belgacom should sell their lines for a reasonable price to other DSL ISP's. Just like KPN has to do that here. Also because we also have DSL lines from other companies like bbned. bbned is not available everywhere, but because it's available in a lot of places KPN had to sell their lines cheaper to other ISP's to compete.
    Cable is still in the hands of the companies who own specific places in this country, UPC has some parts just like Ziggo has. In fact they have a monopoly on their own lines. They don't have to sell. But because DSL is cheap, cable has to be cheap as well. Ah, the good thing of supply and demand.
    I can get this here:

    €9.95 per month
    no bandwidth limit officially fup, but never heard anything of that while downloading 80+gigs per month
  8. wow, that makes me speechless, and angry at the same time at our government...

    They can't seem to keep normal anymore. It's a show... What happened to our beautiful little safe country? Led by fantastic politicians who knew their job and their studies... sigh

    Lol, atleast we ain't got the mexican fluid around here, for now.

    Anyway, getting off topic. What this tutorial suggest is a kinda freezing yr IP way to handle constantly IP changes.

  9. it sets up your lan static wan side its still dynamic if your isp disconnects you