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Disc glow upload error with the Maserati mod

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Xavier de Carvalho, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Can someone please help me out here with the maserati? The car doesn't load, it keeps coming up with a disc glow upload error. I have re-installed my entire game and uninstalled and re-installed my mods, and I have downloaded this mod numerous times, and the car still keeps giving the same error. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hey M8,

    I never had this problem with the Maserati v1.7, I had with 1.5 (if I remember correctly). The DISCGLOW.DDS is inside the MaseratiGT_Cup.mas file which can be found ..\RFACTOR2\Data\Installed\Vehicles\MaseratiGT_Cup\1.7 directory.

    Can you check this thu starting the mas2.exe and open the file mas file above mentioned?
    What is the exact error?
  3. I don't have a mas2.exe file?
  4. Inside the rFactor2\Data\Support\Tools folder. :)
  5. Ok, thank you. Will try that and report back. :)
  6. i don't have a discglow.dds, i have discglow.gmt and rfdiscglow etc.
  7. Ok, so getting the following errors.

    error getting stats for DISCGLOW.BMP Error loading texture DISCGLOW for material DISCGLOW. Then Error loading global material DISCGLOW
  8. Here you find the discglow.dds:

    It should be inside the: MaseratiGT_Cup.MAS file else I can understand the error message.
  9. Ok, found the dds file, now what do I do?
  10. Besides the discglow.dds there are also GT4_LFDISCGLOW.GMT, GT4_RFDISCGLOW.GMT, GT4_LRDISCGLOW.GMT and GT4_RRDISCGLOW.GMT

    The GMT files are the 3D file with the information about it's material and shape, but also with which material "picure" it is done. Standard it looks for a BMP file when it cannot find the real file, in this case the discglow.dds.

    Did you ever had an other (old) install location for rFactor2? So the game looks in the wrong (old) location? Did you ever had one of the older version of the Maserati?

    It is just strange that the game cannot find the file which is just there....
  11. I completely deleted my old install, and I never had an older version of the mod
  12. Very strange this. I never heared anyone had problems with this mod.

    At the moment I am a bit lost...
  13. Am I not maybe missing files from a previous version?
  14. if so I could check on my external harddisk if I might still have it.
  15. Please do :)
  16. Get the zip here and unzip it and replace the files of your installed 1.7 Maserait

  17. I've found an old version:) It's 1.4, hopefully it helps. I have to upload it to dropbox, takes a while. Will first wait if Stefan's solution worked
  18. Ok, thanks
  19. Ok, thanks as well Ian :)
  20. Xavier, stop the downloading it wont solve the problem. I recreated the problem for myself.

    I started the Maserati before with everything on high settings with no problems, just like the settings Stefan has, I figured lets test with everything low (I could remember I once had troubles running it), and indeed I got the same messages you had.

    So play around with the settings to get the car to work. perhaps it's car details or one of the other settings, that I don't know.

    Good luck:thumbsup:
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