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Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by L3Bl3u, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. L3Bl3u


    Hi all,

    I was so pleased when i finished f1 2011 that i decided to buy f1 2014.

    But what is this for crap? (Sorry about the language, i am really frustrated)
    Cars sounds like a vacuum cleaner, car response is way worse than in 2011, KERS has gone and nothing comes in its place?

    On f1 2011, i really had a feel for the car since the beginning, but here its like fighting with it

    So now i am seriously considering selling this game, which would be too bad after such a great experience with 2011, anyone who struggled in the beginning and how did you adapt?

    Many thanks!
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  2. RicciardoFan17


    F1 2014 could be argued as my favorite Codemasters F1 game. The cars are challenging. Coming from F1 2011, practice will be a must. I have also played 2011, but got fed up with it in a few minutes. I couldn't stand the oversteer. F1 2014 cars naturally have less downforce, which you will definitely feel through corners and entering corners(less responsive front end). There is no KERS since 2013. KERS gave about 80 more horsepower for 6 seconds a lap. 2014 cars have automatically applied ERS which gives you an extra 160 horsepower for 32 seconds a lap, or close to 32. Vacuum cleaner sounds are due to the new hybrid V6 Turbocharged engines, which were brand new in 2014. 2011 has V8's. Less downforce is the reason for worse car response. You say you don't have a feel for the car. As an experienced player of F1 2014, I can say I don't really either. The torque seems to kick in out of know where in some corners, being super smooth and gentle can be quicker than being aggressive with this style car. I would give it a chance though before you sell it. But if you dislike it that much, play whatever you like the most.
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  3. malogorski


    You need buy F1 2013 if you love Formula 1, F1 14 & 15 is for kids.