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Disappointed in rfactor 2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Cordice, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Why I say disappointing,

    Well over the years I have played some console titles which I did enjoyed and some what still do but with Sim Racing it change my whole perspective on my racing experience.

    GSC and rfactor 1 did something to me that no one can take away from me, but looking the age of these gaming engine it is understandable what was achieve back then.

    Currently it is 2013 on my side of the world but is seems that ISI is a bit stuck in the pass with rfactor 2 people talk about the physic/tire model of a good sim and don't get me wrong they seem to be heading in a better direction with improvements, but graphically wise it a huge disappoint for me take for example the console guys e.g GT&Forza the teams have huge I mean HUGE graphic leap/s over rf2 going back as far as 2-3 generations of their titles. If these groups were to step into the true Simulation market rf2 would probably be a back burner game.

    Visually I'm not impress that why my topic is basis on, I think society accept mediocrity to easily.

    This is just my outlook my take on what I have experience/lack there of so far with rf2, this post is not made to intentionally/unintentionally hurt anyone. To each man his own

    Enough with the cartoons please
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  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    It seems to me (without getting too technical as I'm not a programming guru) that ever since 15 years ago there have been almost two tribes of racing gamers.

    The visual tribe and the physics tribe. This applies equally to console and PC gamers.
    EG the Xbox Physics tribe loves Race Pro as its based on the ISI G Motor engine (RF1). The Visual tribe hate it as Forza has much better graphics.

    Neither tribe can really understand the culture, language and philisophy of the other tribe.
    I am a member of the Physics tribe and will happily sacrifice world class eye candy for state of the art physics.
    Its a choice we are all free to make.
    Happy racing
    Over and out.
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  3. In the same line David replies, I do apriciate that ISI has so much more focus on Physics and adding features which are very important for a proper racesimulation (rubber for instance), and they only now start to focus more on the graphics, which I find already good enough for my immersion, but I agree that it's not as beautiful as the forza's, but that is only logical as the Forza market is huge, and pays-out the extra time they put into making it more beautiful as it would sell more.
    Personally I don't see that much quality difference between other simulations, or perhaps because I don't care that much, I never notice a difference. Well Asetto Corsa is coming which seems to look beautiful, but they won't be putting in as much features for race simulation as RF2 will be doing. So they chose another direction, focussing more on graphics, physics and licensed contend.
    But in the end I like a proper racing simulation, and because the racing itself is so immersive, I hardly notice all the eyecandy on the road. So what David says, it depends on what you find more important. Having everything perfect won't happend in the coming years with any racegame. Untill then people choose what game is closest to what they find important. I already know for me it will stay RF2 for the next 5 years, because of the concept they chose and I don't see another race game doing the same.
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  4. Please list the specs of the computer that you are using. It wasn't but a couple years ago I was on the xbox 360 and thought the graphics were awesome. I ended up building a pretty decent gaming pc (i5 2500k with two 6950s crossfired) and pretty much every racing sim out there looks as good (and in many cases even better) than Forza 4. I bought another 360 a couple months ago mainly for GTA 5 but went ahead and got a copy of Forza 4. I could hardly make a lap because of the lack of anti-aliasing. (it seemed like the track became blurry just a few cars ahead of me)

    Rfactor 2 has been unplayable on my machine up until the latest build (300) that just released a few days ago. Now it runs very smooth with everything (other than HDR and motion blur; haven't come across anything that makes that look good IMO) turned up to max. It still isn't the prettiest out there but it is plenty good enough for me, and it will only get better with further optimizations. Some of the tracks still don't run as good as others (I pretty much stick with Lime Rock, Sebring, and Mid-Ohio) but it is a work in progress.
  5. If you haven't already, check out the tracks from Feels3. A must have IMO. Poznan, Croft and Putnam Park.
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  6. Dux


    I was disappointed not cause of the graphics, i find it really cool, honestly!

    What was disappointing is the menu, i just hate it! Its much more stupid than the normal rFactor or it is just me that cannot get used on rF2

    Also, i hate to fail to setup my wheel Formula Force Logitech a wheel for which i have TREMENDOUS respect because till this day, 6 years how i am using it never failed at anything! Its perfect! But its only 180C so i cannot set it really well!

    In rF2 F1 cars have 360C which is STUPID first of all and i cannot set it and i dont know how
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  7. If you can only have 180 degrees of rotation, you can set it in game to 180. Go to settings in the startmenu, go to controls, change the steeringwheel range, if you are not able to change it deselect "vehecle set" option behind it.

    For your info a F1 car goes further than 180degrees in real life, but you can change it to your likings
  8. rf2 and G27 are incompatible, so I'm anti both the GFX and the phyx.
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Thats funny my g25 works real good with this sim
    I have tried a g27 recently from a mate and it was just as good
    But as they say each to their own
    build 300 was a good improvement in my eyes.

    But there are still few little problems with some cars in my opinion, but overall for me it hits the mark in all aspects and can only get better.
  10. I use a G27 with no problems in rFactor 2. Why do you say they are incompatible? Is the game not picking up your wheel?

  11. Only a handful of the cars drive well, and they bore me.

    I can barely turn corners at times, it's so absurd it's not funny{not all cars, but these recent ones are a joke}, plus they also have the huge torque curve which wrenches the vehicles all over the track and the G27 can't seem to deal with the snap oversteer.

  12. Sounds like "me" 12months ago, but I've given them enough time, not to mention they've pissed off the modders by all accounts and no great cars exist.
  13. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    I have a G27, I can appreciate what you say, But.. it is to do with personal preference and wheel settings. After a few hours i got used to it and now its fantastic
  14. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Are you sure there is not a fault with your wheel or the installation of your wheel.
    im sorry if this seems silly question but every body ive raced with seems to give or tell a different story,
    i will be the first to agree there is a difference between a green track and a rubbered in track but they are all able to drive the car around the track.

    its just a shame that you cant enjoy the sim to the same quality that the rerst off us do:(
    i hope you get it sorted soon because it kicks arse,,

    i wish i had the answers for you i really do, :)
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
  15. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    When it comes to ffb, I would even say that there is a huge difference between a green track and a properly rubbered one. Most of the ffb effects are gone when driving on a green track, same story in the rain.

    Has nothing to do with the G27 though (I use one too). The ffb should be roughly the same for all wheels.

    But to be fair: The problem would be much less or even non existent if one could just up the ffb strength more, without getting excessive spikes over bumps and curbs.
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  16. To be perfectly honest I lost interest in this about 6 months ago

    I bought the demo and full game early on, paid full whack for it and felt utterly let down, it was poorly put together and didn't play especially well considering how much newer it was than the older version which still feels much better as a game to play.

    The support isn't there, modders aren't in any way interested in it, and this was supposed to be the game that was staggeringly easy to mod and drop things into, yet we have dodgy mods that work and don't.

    The steering issue has always been tricky, it never was on my game, and the graphics are pretty poor in this day and age it has to be said, they are about 10 years out of date really.

    But the main issue is updating, not everyone wants to torrent, and my latest version doesn't do a damn thing when you try and update it, and I literally do not have the interest to try and do anything about it

    So they made a few quid out of me, did very little and now I would never recommend it to anyone sorry, its garbage.

    A lot of the current mods are now bein released on RF1 as its so much easier, and for me I don't rate ISI, they are very small fish in this tiny pond, and have been totally found out
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  17. Sims installed.....

    GSC 2012

    Only rf2 is a problem
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  18. I dont really care about the graphics. But what i care about is ONLINE. Getting into a server in RF2 is so hard and crappy - incredible. I did not know mods can be integrated so bad into a game. The game is a complete mess with stray mods everywhere that you of course dont have and where the donwloading dont work properly. If you want to integrate mods in a game, do it like steam please - or better. But not like that.

    Also the physics are not bad, but aren´t something special either.

    The megane cup can be fun though...
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  19. Joining a server aint that hard if the guy who hosts the server provides the mods required. Simply to do with hosting imo, the mod integration works great and easy to use, think ISI did a good job. The servers can be set for people to download from the host, if the host choose not to ISI can't help that, they did provide the solution. Also the hosts can use their websites for people to find links to the downloads for the tracks they use.
  20. I am able to react to snap oversteer just fine with my G25 including all the new cars. Do you have the FFB higher than default?