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Disappointed about rammers

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Simon Asikainen, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. God evening.I just wanted to say this even if it not ment indirect to any special one here on this serious and great site.But I´m very big fan of formula one and between my studio sessions (Im a musicians) I play my F1 2013 and I have actually builted my own simulator with pieces from a snowmobil and painted in my teams colours .etc,etc and it`s a great time to relax and have fun (ask my GF :) anyway I was doing my first kind of sessions on Xbox live and quick match and I was exited.......but sadly a very short time.I took the session thing pretty serious and I was driving gently and avoid crashing others just as it should be.What I found out it was that those I just called crap holes who destroy for those people who`s are trying to be nice and are raised with having respekt for other people.I wanna know if it that bad that they collect those fearful and uncertain drivers.and everyone of the shows up on xbox Live,I mean people are singing during the races,some others play music and then these who`s only there probably there just only crash others cars that much they can..Ok I know it is a game and it should be fun,but we who at least wanna have some kind of simulation feeling in it thing is so stupit those who does these things should at least try to get one friend in life time who you can share his or her life with,because it doen not look that your own one is functional.Is there any serious sessions to join instead of this stockcar racing links.Just a friendly question to you others.I know this is a place where a lot of these enthusiasts sneaking around because of this great site and place.I`m looking forward for some session with real good winners so the others can keep their kindergarten.Simon...have a great evenig.
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff


    You will probably struggle to find much racing for F1 2013 now, because this series of games is released every year and people move on very quickly. We used to have a sub-forum for F1 2013 Club and League racing, but they have closed now.

    As you have found out, online public racing whether it's XBox, PS3, or PC is very poor, and full of griefers and cheats. You would have much better luck by playing with friends in a locked lobby, or doing Club/League racing in a place like here at RD.

    Though you are very welcome to post in this F1 2013 forum to try and find some like-minded individuals to race with you online, it is unfortunate that the majority of players have moved on to the later games

    The current game is F1 2014 which was released about 8 months ago. Again many people will moving from F1 2014 to F1 2015 when the new game is released on July 10th 2015.

    However you would need a PC, XBox One or PS4 to play F1 2015.

    It also means that those who do not want to buy the new 'Next Gen' consoles, will be stuck with F1 2014, so there maybe a chance that F1 2014 will last longer than previous games in the series, as it is the last one that supports the XBox 360 and the PS3.

    You could consider buying F1 2014 if you want to stick to using the Xbox 360, you will probably find it cheap somewhere, especially when F1 2015 is released next month.

    If you do decide to try F1 2014, have a look in our F1 2014 Club Racing forum, there should be some racing going on and more importantly, clean racing.

    Good luck :)
  3. Thanks alot for your answer and tips.I understand exactly what you mean and I have 2014 but I never like it because of the sound :) But I will take your advices and rock on,,your`re a great dude :) Thanks