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Disappearing AI Cars...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by RaceBaby, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. AI cars (in front) disappear the farther away they are down the track. When entering a turn (or as I catch up to them), they reappear. Can anyone help me fix this?

    I have the latest version of GSC...AMD cards (6870 in crossfire)...video options maxed out.
  2. In your options / display menu, maybe you need to increase the number of vehicles visible. This number includes those in front and behind so they may be appearing and disappearing as you pull away or close up to them at different parts of the track.
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  3. I have experienced the same on A1 ring.. Cars would dissapear at the end of the straight and reapear ging into the first corner. I have it set to show the maximum number of cars. Almost looked like an LOD issue..
  4. I noticed this as well: AI cars are disappearing in the distance. When I come closer to them they reappear. To my opinion it has nothing to do with the maximum number of cars, but with the distance. Has Reiza lowered the distance in 1.21? I can't remember seeing this in previous versions...?
  5. Thanks for the replies...

    I do have the max cars visible set at the highest level. I believe there is an issue with the game itself. I will report this in the bug thread.
  6. I believe this is a LOD problem. Having this since rF1 (try to race at Le Mans, you'll see cars only about 300~400 meters away, not beyond). Haven't found a way to increase this distance so far.
  7. in cockpit cam try to increase LOD multiplier and see if that helps
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  8. Went into the Cam file as suggested..

    I have only tested this on Buenos Aires 12 with the V8's but..
    Setting Cockpit LODMultiplier=(1.500000) fixed the issue for me on this particulair combo.

    Thanks for the suggestion Spyros!