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Disabling tyre wear significantly reduces grip! (?)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Maciej Dolinski, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. I was hotlapping with Z4 GT3 on Imola, my good laps reached mid 1:46 with my best lap clocking 1:46.1 . After quitting track and changing "Tyre wear" to x1 within couple laps I made lap below 1:44. Both laps were made with same setup. To make sure that I'm not mistaken I restarted PC and made laps with tyre wear on and off. I got same results. Disabling tyre wear made car a lot slower. With default wear I could feel how grip increases along first lap, this was simply missing without wear.

    Of course I may be mistaken and missing something obvious. So it would be nice is someone could test it on their machine. But still I have sneaking suspicion that if I post it on support forum I will get "As designed" tag.
  2. Most of the WR times on RSR is with tire wear off
  3. So maybe with it ON they could be even quicker? ;)
  4. I just checked on the latest track I hotlapped. Imola in BMW M3 E30. All times above mine except the one closest are with tire wear X1.

    Tried with tire wear X1 and did 1 tenth from my personal best on first try. My initial impression is that it is probably faster using tire wear.
  5. Use the tyres app. The Z4 soft compound starts at 90% wear and after a lap it reaches the optimal 100% which then lasts for only next one and a half laps. This is only the case with the GT3 soft compound.

    I do not find any differene in first laps grip with the tire wear enabled or disabled. Its just the case with the Z4 soft slick, with the tyre wear off, it will be always at 90% wear and offer much less grip than the medium which does start at 100%.
  6. Seems to vary by track..most top times at Imola are with tire wear...most at Magione are with it off
  7. At Magione all but 3 or 4 cars have top time with tire wear off (and I think the three of four that have it on are those that have super soft slicks)

    Almost every top time at Imola has tire wear on.

    Mugello seems to be a mixed bag.
  8. Looks like this is "obvious" thing that I was missing. Thanks!