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Mods DirtRally remove DUST on lens 2016-07-17

DirtRally remove DUST on lens

  1. robnitro submitted a new resource:

    DirtRally remove DUST on lens - DirtRally remove DUST on lens

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  2. Which "post processing" are you referring to?
  3. This removes the dust and dirt on the lens when you have bonnet or hood cam.
    You see it in bright stages

    The bloom, brightness and the rays of light I would like to get rid of, but have no idea. I tried editing effects.xml after using bin2xml but it's not working and the file itself is confusing with settings for bokeh, carcam, and each track but not really distinct.

    In the previous games, you can edit hardware_settings_config.xml to disable specific features, like blur, bloom etc
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
  4. Sorry, i was referring to your mention of post processing setting in game.
  5. Inside graphics, advanced options--> shader detail (sorry had the naming wrong) I use Low setting. Medium and high give nasty motion blur and dof- both of which are unrealistic lol