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Mods DiRTier Mod 1.4

wanna get dirty? ;)

  1. GethemaAT submitted a new resource:

    DiRTier Mod - wanna get dirty? ;)

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  2. Hey! I have now tried it, and just tested all "versions" in Wales. Im going to test other events later on. Here is some feedback/Improvements if you will,

    Wales: I would say that the "extreme" version fits me best here, it looks like the most realistic version if I compare to the real cars in that event.
    But I would love some improvements if thats possible.
    1. The windscreen gets all dark (cant see co-driver/driver) after a while. Is that because all the dirt? If so, reduce the dirt on the windscreen/front of the car so the co-driver/driver always is shown.
    2.As said before, if its possible, reduce the dirt on the front of the car.
    3. Is it possible to make the transition from a clean car to a all dirty/muddy car takes a little bit longer in the "extreme" version. I mean that it looks very realistic in the beginning (a cuple of turns in to the stage) but then it goes completely dirty as it should be in some Km in to the stage?

    Iv driven sprint and long stages in Wales in good weather and rain. If these improvements would be possible to create/update with, then I would have the perfect and most realistic dirt mod for Wales as it should have been from the beginning!

    I hope you understand what a great mod you have created and I think this is so awesome!! Thanks again and I hope you will update and make this mod even better!! :)

    Please consider this feedback! :)

    And last, great that you have done this mod for every country/event so we can choose exactly the version that fit us personally and makes every event look 100% realistic!!

    Keep it up!!
  3. Oh, and for me if I compared Wales stages to this mod/sim, the car should be as in the "extreme" mode after 1SS. But with my feedback in place. :D :D You'r a king!
  4. Hey astro83,

    thanks for your great feedback, I'll try to answer everything I can!

    reg. 1 & 2.: The changes to the dirt build up rate are all location- and surface-based. That means that all cars as well as all individual parts on the car will receive a level of dirt depending on the location and/or the surface they are being driven on.

    Up to this point, I unfortunately haven't been able to figure out a way/possibility to have individual car parts receive different levels of dirt independent of another. This is also one of the reasons why I provided various 'options' of dirt severity, apart from catering to as many 'flavors' as possible.

    What certainly can be done is to tweak the relative mud- and dirtrate per location even further to allow for a more realistic mud level in e.g. Wales or more dust on the car in Finland. But in this early stage of the mod, I'm restricted to the parameters in the 'mud_materials.xml' file, which sadly don't take individual parts or the windscreen into account.

    When browsing through the files, however, I noticed that there are some entries in the 'materials.xml' files located in DiRT Rally\cars\settings that could relate to how much dirt an individual car part actually can receive. So eventually you might want to start from there if you were to experiment with it yourself.

    reg. 3: Yes, this is possible, just needs a bit more tweaking and juggling with numbers.

    On a side note, you have to bear in mind that dirt/mud etc. usually accumulates when driving more stages/an entire rally event. Thus, it may look kinda silly if the car is completely covered in dirt already halfway through the first stage. It's all about balancing ;)
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  5. Okey, then I understand regarding the windscreen and so on. I hope that it can be fix later on.
    regarding the build up, I agree but in Wales the car after 1SS can be completly covered in mud! ;)
    So I love the extreme mod in just Wales and with a "better" build up this will be great, but the minus is just that in Replay the windscreen is so dark so the driver/co-driver cant be seen. But anyway, this is a great mod, and I will try the latest updates!
  6. Hey!

    Just tried out the update (1.3) in Wales, the x2,5 option is perfect in the sprint stages now!
    BUT, for example in a long stage, Sweet Lamb, the car get half as dirty as in a sprint stage?

    That most be a bug or something wrong? :D
    The same for extreme option, very dirty in sprint stage and not so much at all in one of the long stages?

    But as I said, keep the settings for x2,5 in sprint stages. Really good, but increase the dirt/mud in long stages as before.
  7. Hm, ran several long stages today, and dirt build up was as to be expected almost twice as much as on a sprint stage. Maybe it's location/stage dependent? Will give it some thought when I release the next update!
  8. Hm, strange, did you try Sweet Lamb (long)?

    I will try others then tonight but as I said, x2.5 is bloody perfect now in this update if it only build up like it should for long stages aswell.
  9. Have tried it once again. Works like it should now when I tried many different stages. I drove the Impreza Group A and the Focus WRC 09. It seems like the cars gets dirty/muddy in different grades? It seems like the Group A Impreza gets more dirty then the Focus 09 in the same stage. Is that true or am I wrong?
  10. It would be perfect if the x2.5 version stop being any more dirty/muddy after the rear of the car have been covered completly with grey/light brown dirt/mud and little dark mud/dirt. Now on a single long stage the whole car is a bit to muddy. If you can and want, reduce that little bit until it stops as I wrote before. Would be great! :D
  11. Well, I'm afraid the fact that the rear of the car is completely covered in dirt after a single long stage is very much owing to the increased dirt build up rate directly combined with the absence of a dirt threshold (upper limit for dirt coverage for particular parts of the car), which at least I haven't come across so far.

    Different cars might as well receive different levels of dirt, that's entirely possible.Basically, this mod simply acts as a location-based dirt multiplier, which will multiplicate whatever the base dirt build up factors of a specific car model are.

    I'll possibly look into reducing the numbers for 2.5x a bit, however the margin between 2.5x and 2x is already quite narrow, so don't expect huge differences between those two options.
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  12. Okey, anyway, this is a super-mod that makes this sim so much better! You have created something great man!
  13. Just edited some files that is all ;) Thanks for your kind words!
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  14. GethemaAT, great mod BTW. Would you also be able to produce a particle mod which throws up more of the chunkier stuff on gravel - rocks, stones etc, especially when sliding and cornering? Templar made a great one which I use but he seems to have disappeared and it needs updating to include Finland and Sweden when it arrives.

  15. Could you pinpoint me to Templars mod please?

    I've already started messing a bit with the particlematerials.xml, which I think is where all those important settings regarding particle emitters are stored.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2015