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Mods Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version 1.3

Modified version of Zeb's telemetry tool

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    Dirt Telemetry tool - Cortextual's Version - Modified version of Zeb's telemetry tool

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    Version 1.1

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  3. For some reason I can't get this to work on my machine. I've changed the hardware_settings_config.xml file, yet still nothing. Custom races, online, championship, no change in the tool.
    I'm running windows 10 64-bit, Dirt Rally version 1.02.
  4. Hi, sorry it's not working =\ I talked to another guy that was having problems where his game was resetting the xml file every time he launched, could you check that? Other causes could be if you're using something else that's using the same port or another application that's interfering with it, perhaps a firewall or something blocking the data. There's also a file in the DiRT Rally\system\ directory with the same name, make sure you're not changing that one, but the one in documents\my games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\

    Let me know if this helps.
  5. The xml stays the same, the game isn't changing that.
    There is nothing using the same port, I tried it with firewall off as well, no change.
    I wasn't changing the one in the system folder. Out of curiosity, I tried if changing that would do anything, but no luck.
    I'm pretty much out of ideas, I've done everything by the book and it should work, unless they changed something in Dirt Rally 1.02 so it doesn't send the information out anymore.
  6. Hmm, yea it's not that because it's still working for me in 1.02
  7. can you paste your hardware_settings_config.xml file?
  8. Yeah, sure.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <hardware_settings_config version="9" deviceId="0x13C2">
    <threadStrategy workerMapFile="system/workerMap4Core.xml" forceFeedbackProcessor="3" dvdStorageProcessor="3" dataSetMonitorProcessor="1" renderProcessor="0" updateProcessor="2" fileStreamProcessor="3" />
    <dynamic_range value="high" />
    <eq value="headphones" />
    <graphics_card rating="4" firstBoot="true">
    <directx forcedx10="false" />
    <eyefinity force="" osd="" />
    <stereo enabled="false" separation="0.015" convergence="0.5" />
    <resolution width="1920" height="1080" aspect="auto" fullscreen="true" vsync="1" multisampling="4xmsaa">
    <refreshRate rate="59" />
    <gamma level="0.8" />
    <shadows enabled="true" size="3072" maskQuality="2" particles="true" />
    <advanced_fog enabled="true" />
    <particles enabled="true" wind="true" dynamicRes="false" lowResScalar="2" nearFadeBias="0" />
    <weather quality="1" />
    <crowd enabled="true" detail="4" />
    <cloth enabled="true" tessellation="true" />
    <groundcover mode="ultra" clutter="true" />
    <objects lod="1.02" maxlod="0" stones="true" />
    <trees lod="1.2" maxlod="0" meshes="true" meshes_in_all_passes="false" />
    <vehicles characterQuality="4" lodQuality="3" />
    <track lod="1.0" />
    <envmap faces="6" size="1024" drawallobjects="true" scaleminsize="0.75" mindistance="150.0" />
    <water update="true" detail="3" scale="2" drawallobjects="true" tessellation="true" />
    <mirrors enabled="true" width="768" height="256" car_maxlod="1" car_culldist="300.0" />
    <skidmarks enabled="true" />
    <dynamic_ambient_occ enabled="true" quality="4" />
    <dynamic_ambient_occ_soft enabled="true" />
    <night_lighting volumes="true" lights="0" shadows="true" onlyHeadlights="false" shadowSize="2048" />
    <textures resolution="3" />
    <shaders quality="2" low_quality="false" />
    <anisotropic min="4" max="16" />
    <physics environmentalDamage="true" vehicleDamage="true" />
    <input device_type="auto" />
    <screenshotMode enabled="false" />
    <aoit enabled="false" />
    <avsm enabled="true" />
    <oculus enabled="true" headMovement="true" chromatic="true" timeWarp="true" vignette="true" overdrive="true" convergence="1.0" verticalOrientation="0.66" />
    <dbox enabled="true" />
    <udp enabled="true" extradata="1" ip="" port="10001" delay="1" />
    <fanatec enabled="true" pedalVibrationScale="1.000000" wheelVibrationScale="1.000000" ledTrueForGearsFalseForSpeed="true" />
    <controls neutralTimeToShift="0.25" />
  9. Yea looks fine =\
  10. Cortextual updated Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version with a new update entry:

    Update 1.2

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  11. How can i put the Telemetry tool at bottom of my screen, just like in Meszes vid? I can't figure where i can set the x and y coordinates to position the tool.
    Can you please tell me how i can do that? I have Borderless Gaming app.
  12. Hi,
    When you set the window size in Borderless Gaming it will ask for the dimensions of the window and the x,y coordinates you want to place it at. I've tried to explain how to do it on the download page of the app. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks mate, i already figured, Meszes helped me how to do it. What i was failing to figure was that when we click in set window size, we need to click no, in the pop-up that shows up. That will bring the set x and y coordinates interface up ( you might wanna clarify this in the read me file, for people noob like me =P ).
    Meszes gave me the right coordinates, to set TT at bottom of screen. Thanks for everything, mate, and keep up the good work!!

    Edit to add: This might help people, using 1920x1080, who want TT at bottom of screen, just like in Meszes vid. Coordinates are: 410 / 900 / 1100 / 180
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
  14. I suck at forums. Hope this is the appropriate place to post.

    I tried the Telemetry tool recently to replace another less feature rich input mod for Dirt Rally. I have a ASUS main monitor running at 144hz on a GTX970. My FPS even streaming with full overlay, 2 small monitor captures, and all the other goodies stays 110-135. As soon as I run the Telemetry mod I drop to about 85 FPS. It didn't seem to be a CPU load related issue, and I can't see GPU load being an issue. Is there a frame sync issue or some polling rate issue? I was thinking maybe it had to do with being on extended monitor1->monitor2 with a second monitor with lower refresh but that didn't seem to be it either and doesn't present as an issue with other applications either.

    I was capturing using only OBS, as I do not require the mod be visible to myself as the player.

    i7-4790K no OC
    GTX 970 no OC

    Thanks for any tips you can think of, as it's a good solid app and I'd like to be able to find a solution.
  15. I'm not sure what would cause that to be honest. The app shouldn't be resource intensive at all. Sounds like something strange going on there. Wish I could help more but have no way to recreate the issue. Hope you're able to figure something out.
  16. Yeah testing it some more today as I really didn't have enough testing yet. Tried it again today as game capture and was having no performance issues. I'll let you know if I find anything useful to you.

    Thanks for the response!
  17. I tried to mod the PNG files to look slick but it's crashing a bit. What file format/structure is supported for the bg.png background file and wheel.png. I used photoshop to apply some bevels, etc then saved right over the old files to try and match whatever. Is there something I can do to make sure they are compliant with the code and doesn't crash?

    Here's a shot of what I had it looking like. Just 1 or 2 changes to background colors and it was rockin.
  18. Any png should work as far as i know. The program is java but is written in the processing environment, you can get it at processing.org and check out the limitations there if you want. If you install the appropriate libraries you can run the source code yourself and recompile it with the images you need. There may be some size limit based on the original images. It looks cool.
  19. The images are saved from photoshop with smallest compression and no interlacing.