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Mods Dirt Rally Telemetry & Setup Tool A1

Graphically displays UDP output data including suspension, differential and engine parameters.

  1. Zeb


    Zeb submitted a new resource:

    Dirt Rally Telemetry & Setup Tool - Graphically displays UDP output data including suspension, differential and engine parameters.

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  2. Very nice work...thanks...is there a way to have it show MPH rather than KPH?
    Thanks again.
  3. Zeb


    Yes but with a little programming work. I didn't have time to add a switch for that, but it would be easy for a modder to implement by adjusting one line of code.
  4. VCA


    Hola gran trabajo, pero seria posible cambiar port="10001" por port="10002", 10001 es el puerto utilizado por Simxperence control centrer.


    Hello great job, but it would be possible to change port = "10001" for port = "10002" 10001 is the port used by Simxperence centrer control.

    Thank you
  5. Zeb


    If you are savvy enough with coding, I have the source code included in the subfolders. You would need to install processing (from processing.org) and recompile it. The port call is only a few lines down from the top and would be simple to change:
    String ip="";
    int portRX=10001;

    Make sure the hardware_settings_config.xml is configured exactly the same.

    Sorry I can't help much more as I'm busy getting stuff ready for winter outside.
    Va a ser invierno bien pronto!

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  6. VCA


    ya e localizado el archivo gracias, ya que necesito tener varios puertos abiertos para diferentes gadets Dasmeter, fanated leds, i ahora su pograma de telemetria.


    and located the file and I thank you, and I need to have multiple open ports for different gadets Dasmeter, leds fanated, Simxperence now its Pograma telemetry.

    Thank you
  7. so... with this tool its possible to make your own FFB ?
  8. Zeb


    You would have to code it from scratch and it would be limited. You would however have everything you would need for a complete motion sim!
  9. great tool :)
    but not working for me...

    changed the parameters in the config as said but no positive result - i´m experiencing stuttering while the prog is running but not over the dirt window - should dirt rally be run in windowed mode?
  10. Zeb


    @Cyberpunk I use other software to overlay the app on DR, but you can also have it windowed. You will also need a decent computer to run it I guess.
  11. hi, thanks for the reply.

    what do u mean with "...you will also need a decent computer..."?

    which software do u use for the overlay? - would likte to use it in full-screen mode...

    any performance issues already tagged?
  12. Zeb


  13. Hello,

    thanks for the links, tried the "Borderless Gaming" tool...
    Works after setting few parameters - but for me is the size feeling a bit too big - and it´s because of that it´s more disturbing then informating through driving :( - driving @ 1920x1080px...

    Cant u set the different sizings of the window - in height would be nice...
  14. Disregard. I feex it. :D

    In the readme file, resolution says it's 1100 by 180, but it's actually more like 1100 by 220. :)
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2016
  15. Regarding the app, if the G meter hardly move while the rest is functionning, does it mean the player is cheating or it's possible for the game or the app to be bugged?
  16. Hello, can you put the folder with led of the arduino working?! I coun'd did work.
  17. hi Zeb, if i would like to modify the source, how do i recompile the exe?
    thanks a lot
  18. Zeb


    I believe you would need to download the appropriate version of processing, load the libraries (included) onto it, copy/paste the code, then save. It's a lot trickier than I would have liked it. Sorry about that.