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DiRT Rally telemetry on UDP port 20777

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by roksteady, May 29, 2015.

  1. So I edited the hardware_settings_config.xml file to enable the motion output to ... according to the seemingly standard Codemasters way:

    <motion enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="1" />
    But from what I can tell there's no telemetry data being sent??

    As a first validation I just used this simple Python code but there's nothing coming on the socket when I launch a custom event and start driving ...:

    import socket
    DIRT_IP = ""
    DIRT_PORT = 20777
    sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, # Internet
                         socket.SOCK_DGRAM) # UDP
    sock.bind((DIRT_IP, DIRT_PORT))
    while True:
        data, addr = sock.recvfrom(4096) # buffer size ...
        print "received message:", data
    I've verified with another simple python script to *send* the UDP data to port 20777 and the receiver *does* work ...
  2. Tested your code on Python 3.3 (print modified) and it does work. Your code creates the socket on but it does work as does using The game does not send data when it's paused, but if you actually drove that shouldn't be the problem.

    You can also use extradata up to 3 with DiRT Rally.

  3. Motion works fine for me ;)
  4. Hehe, thanks for confirming that I suck, or something... ;)
  5. lol no problem :D