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Mods DiRT Rally / RFPE Project 0.4


  1. E.Zelaieta submitted a new resource:

    DiRT Rally / RFPE Project - Package

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  2. Seems great! I´ve been waiting for a long time a propperly plugin to modify inertias and cg´s for this game to get more realistic physics in this game. But how to do? You use EGO database editor? Can you explain the process to extract, open, and modify the ctf??

    And another question. To use your modified .ctf´s? For example I put yout 20b.ctf in cars/models/20b/ and rename it to 20b_standard_gravel.ctf??
  3. We use the existent CTF Editor from Petar Tasev but with a custom CTFScheme which it wasnt released in the package. We have the idea to keep developing the RFPE project (Files modification and plugin) for a more consistent and improved future versions. Right now, we cant confirm when we will release the mentioned scheme.

    Thanks for understanding.
  4. No. Just simply drop the provided CTF's into the main DiRT Rally directory. It's plugin work to manage everything.
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  5. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Who ended up doing the "decryption" work?
  6. Just tested it as is.
    Steering very heavy and sustains damage very easily and can't then continue.
    Also do I need to adjust FFB settings?
  7. ToCA EDIT helped us with the task.
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  8. You maybe need to adjust the FFB values to suit your steering wheel system.
    Talking about damage, its heavier. Try to drive clean and dont fly "so much" in the jumps.
  9. Trouble is when I drive clean I'm a lot slower, not that I was fast to start with.
    I have a G27 and my FFB settings are as shown in the Mod Mashup 1.1 mod which work well for the other cars.
    What would you recommend for my wheel? Just need to get a good balance until you have done all the other cars.
    Edit...Changed Logitech profiler from 110% to 100% made a noticeable difference
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  10. dirt exe stop working, try to mark all options and unmark and nothing, still not work dirt fail.png
  11. Will you share for me?
  12. Like I comment previously, not for the moment.

    Anyway, I haven't any particular idea to share only with individual person (Your case). Simply when the moment arrive, it can be released with a new version of the RFPE mod.

    Thanks for understanding.
  13. I know about some other users performing the same problem. Sorry but cant help for the moment.
  14. Dude you can trust me /with sharing this editor.
    Using Ryder's CTF Editor I made this:
  15. Ok, I will continue pending if Solves. thank you anyway
  16. What exactly is supposed to be the difference in physics? I must admit, I hardly ever use the Group B cars but I've been testing with the Audi and comparing to the 2000 Impreza. To me, the car seems more grippy and less twitchy. It feels like the mk1 physics version, just like before the big physics update. I didn't particularly mind the Mk 1 physics but a lot of folk said it was wrong so... Much harder to drift and use the handbrake with the mod. Really like it on tarmac though. Again, reminds me of before Codemasters implemented the update.

    I'd be interested to read what others think and how they think it compares.

    Oh yes, FFB is puny not tactile enough.
  17. The differences are visible at the "intructions.pdf" file inside the download package. Talking about grip, I can only confirm that those are so much lower than originally implemented by Codemasters.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't trying to be over-critical. I'm not technically minded with these things so I just wanted to know how it translates in real time. I'll keep testing.

    Any idea when you might get around to implementing changes to other cars?
  19. No problem at all. I didnt take your write in any bad way ;)

    No idea about new dates. We only can confirm that we starting with the 0.3 version development, restudying some values and testing other news. The idea is to release with a new car group but the date is unknow. Just working in a relaxed way when we have some free time.

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  20. This is brilliant! Been testing for 3 days with the Audi, on all surfaces and this is fantastic! There's an actual weight to the car now and it feels as if you're actually driving a car rather than a twitchy go-kart. This is the only time that I've been able to really differentiate between the ice and normal road in Monte Carlo. Surprised people aren't all over this. Can't wait for the other car groups to be done.