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Featured DiRT Rally Previews Upcoming Patch - Rift 1.3 Support to follow

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 21, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Dirt Rally Occulus Rift Support Upcoming.jpg
    Codemasters have hinted that June should bring the highly anticipated Oculus Rift 1.3 support for the top selling DiRT Rally.

    In the latest blog post from the team responsible for the newest DiRT game, the folks over at Codemasters have confirmed Oculus Rift 1.3 support is in the advanced stages of development and should be released to the public in the near future. With a new update due to hit the game in the next few weeks, Codemasters have decided to split the patch into two parts in order to bring some enhancements live earlier than if 1.3 support was to be included in the full update.

    With no solid date set for either the initial patch or Rift support, Codemasters have indicated fans should expect the update in early June with the following Rift 1.3 support patch to follow "fairly soon after".

    Interesting features of the upcoming patch are the application of motion blur to the bonnet camera and in replays, as well as fixes for rain effects displaying incorrectly on some AMD cards for PC players of the title. Other global updates for console and PC versions will include AI adjustments to the Classic and S1600 classes, as well as some working going in to removing the excessive knocking effect some wheel users experience when playing with the Rallycross class vehicles.

    Although not a full preview of the new patch, it appears that Codemasters are still hard at work developing DiRT Rally as it continues to lead the way for rally games on PC and console.

    In other fun DiRT Rally news, the studio have revealed that players have now amassed an incredible 198.4 million miles in game! That's an impressive amount of in game time for a title that simply just arrived in Early Access last year without warning and went on to become a firm fan favourite, showing the gaming industry that Codemasters are still capable of producing first class racing games.

    See below the latest DiRT Rally video from Codemasters entitled "Accolades". At just over 60 seconds in length "Accolades" showcases some choices vehicles with quotes and accolades from various reviews and experiences of DiRT Rally:

    Check out our DiRT Rally forum here at RaceDepartment for a great selection of mods and skins and of course news and discussions regarding Codemasters top rally game.

    We hold regular Club Racing events in DiRT Rally. Why not prove you are the fastest off road racer and sign up today? Why? Because its fun!

    Rift and Rally? Dirty fun me thinks? Let's have a discussion below on what we love about this game, or what you feel it could do better?
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  2. Tobbe Bergman

    Tobbe Bergman
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I won't be touching this again until they get some actual road feel !
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  3. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin
    The Mighty Forth Premium

    Soooo.............no 'proper' support for triple screen users, because not enough users, or some other lame excuse.:unsure:
    BUT their is to be support for VR,......because as we know their will be many more PCs gamers with headsets than triple screens!!!??:O_o:
    ps. I still like/play the game though!!:whistling:;)
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  4. Yes, definitely.
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  5. Triple screen in Rally xD do you have a need to look at your mirrors or passing cars that don't exist?
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  6. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin
    The Mighty Forth Premium

    Irrelevant question.!! :O_o:
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  7. VR is the future, codemasters get that :thumbsup:

    Hoping rift support comes real fast.
  8. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    My thoughts exactly. If you need to see past your nose in rally, it's too late. Still, I'd say they are essential on circuit titles, even moreso than the head eater. As long as my eyes can move, keep my head still, lest it comes flying off when I hit the wall. :O_o:

    But for the triple screens, the XBO is the best $400 I ever spent, thanks to pCARS and Dirt. They prove that everyone else (including Birmingham) is lazy. Hope the SIM trend continues. Fingers crossed that F1 takes a clue. High hopes for Assetto too, if they decide to release it. :cautious:
  9. need to see more tracks and countries please codemasters
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  10. I'm not bothered with the lack of full triple support but, it may be dependent on one's setup - works fine for me as is using Nvidia Surround. I look forward to having VR support again though; there are too few good VR titles right now.
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  11. That is absurd... ridiculous and absurd. You know you're wrong... stop being an ankle biter.
  12. ridiculously dumb statement
  13. Sorry guys but I don't understand when you said lack of support for triple screen. My triple screen is working properly (5880*1080 with 2GTX970 in SLI). I have from time to time BSOD but 90% of them are happening at the end of a session so I can live with it. Even 3D surround is working properly. Of course I gave up Windows 10 and went back to Windows 7 64bits pro. So maybe if you have issues you should consider W7 64bit
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
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  14. Meh. The only thing that would get me excited of this game again is new locations and stages.
  15. I've been playing Dirt in triples for ages what are you talking about ?
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  16. Triples currently work as a single large screen, there is no support for multiple viewports to allow correct perspective correction (as in AC for example, where you include the side screen angles to render the views correctly).

    No, you don't need to use your mirrors (apart from on the rally cross stages), but having the side screens properly corrected for would give you a realistic view from the side windows and add to the feeling of speed (and immersion) as all of that pretty scenery rushes past you.
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  17. Triples screen, is also support for DD wheel ... please

    an example:
    resolution CV1 2560X1440=3.686.400 PIXEL
    TRIPLESCREEN:1920X1080X3=6.220.800 PIXEL
  18. I don't know if you're a triple screen user, but single screen guys often miss another big point of triples - the sense of speed if massively better. Often when people whine about game X lacking the mysterious "sense of speed" it's in big part due to them not seeing movement in their peripheral vision, like you would in a real car. Only way to get good sense of speed is triples or VR.
  19. I regret buying this game, even though I bought at first stage of early access. Would not recommend. It's a console game optimized for console controllers. Have a go with a controller, you'll go much faster.
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  20. Best rally game ever if you are completely oblivious to physics.

    RBR is better feel and fizzix................and even that had a solid rear axle. lol !