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Mods DiRT Rally Mod Manager 4.2

Easiest way to manage your mods

  1. briochebro submitted a new resource:

    DiRT Rally Mod Manager - Easy mod installer

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  2. sector5

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I got it to work. The prog is nicely build but I have several problems:

    -I can't change the original livery to overwrite in game, except for the first shown mod in the list
    -the deinstall button is useless if there was no option of the back-up given, it stays installed
    -if one livery of a car has changed, all liveries of the car will be backed up

    I this helps to make it perfect!
  3. Please check the "Fiat 131". There is a bug, because there's no livery_24 in the game. It must be livery_26.

    Please check also the "Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500". There's no livery_28 in the game. It must be livery_41. This is the white car with number 28.

    Please check also the "Ford Escort Mk II". There's no livery_55 in the game. It must be livery_44. This is the blue car with number 55.

    Please check also the "Ford Fiesta RS Rally" and the "Citroën C4 WRC". They don't work at all.
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  4. briochebro updated DiRT Rally Mod Manager with a new update entry:

    Rewritten from scratch with more flexibility

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  5. The new version 2.0 doesn't start. With version 1.0 I've had no problems. I did a clean new installation for version 2.0 in a new folder and I've also the NET framework 4.6 installed, but version 2.0 doesn't start. I have a PC with Windows 7 Professional.

    Update: Now I've found the reason why the version 2.0 doesn't start. My virus scanner "Avast Free Antivirus 2015" scans every new EXE-file at the first start. This scan could not be finished and so version 2.0 couldn't start. You should check the new "DiRT Mod Manager.exe", because I never had this problem with any other EXE-file in the past. There must be something wrong with your EXE-file.
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  6. briochebro updated DiRT Rally Mod Manager with a new update entry:

    Minor update: replaced missing car wireframes

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  7. I've done some testing with the new version 2.1 and I've found a bug. The backup of the original files is working correct, but the reinstallation of the default skins doesn't work for me at all and there are still the previously installed mod files in my dirt rally game folders. Please check this.
  8. briochebro updated DiRT Rally Mod Manager with a new update entry:

    Bug fixes

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  9. Doesn't work.
    Yes, I did install latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 and I have more than capable hardware to run this program and the game itself. I use W7 64.
    There's no any kind of read me in your zipped file, there's no any notes where this should be placed (in game root directory or it doesn't matter where but since it comes zipped WITHOUT ANY folder name I'm really puzzled... maybe it must go into game root folder. Can't test it now, I'm at work. Anyway... I placed it in my folder, started the program and ...it just hang it there for a long long time. Amazingly it CAN'T be closed over windows task manager (wtf?) and after restart (I figure maybe that's the problem, since I didn't restart and Framework installation asked for it) the very same thing. Program just hang forever and, again, can't be closed via task manager. :confused: Again. Wow, that's something new I thought.
    So.... you catch my drift I guess... :D I didn't want to give you one star, I got couple on some my mods here and it's quite dumb behaviour I feel. And always it can be on me, maybe I did something wrong.
    Anyway... if you have any idea, please reply.
    Any make some read me, perhaps ? :)
  10. briochebro updated DiRT Rally Mod Manager with a new update entry:

    Layout update and livery indexes

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  11. Have you considdered hosting the liveries ?

    i've been fiddling with making something similar like this, but by hosting the actual liveries, thereby making it even more simple to install each livery..

    What folder structure do you expect for this to work ?.. i know you write that mods should be unpacked... but do you detect what kind of mod is in each folder ?? or do you require a certain structure ?? - and what about images ?
  12. Thanks for your support.
    It doesn't work. Again.
    Not that it does matter to you. :thumbsup:
  13. That's a great idea. I'll take care of storing the mods and the backup. Users will only have to specify their game directory. I'll take a look, thanks.
  14. Wow, that's impressive. I don't know what causes this. Could it be an antivirus software? This is a very basic Windows app. It doesn't use any fancy technology. It's pretty much Notepad with some images and mouse clicks. Does it start at all? Do you have a 'crash.txt' in your app folder? If so, please send it to me.
  15. btw... Considder deploying your ModManager as a ClickOnce application, thereby you can force people to auto update or let them choose themselves when to update.

    it makes life easier for the users and it makes it possible for you to push out updates.
    You might include all mods in advance - which would be awesome.

    Also .. please consider supporting different versions of each mod - thereby people can pick the exact mod they like and its version -- sometimes the latest isnt the greatest ;)
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  16. Do not really understand how to use it.
    How do you select different skins for the same car?
    I see only the picture but not the file that I want to install, Can you perhaps even clearly explain how you classifies the mod livery folder just to make it work with your manager. I have now extracted the rar files in a specific folder but your manager can not choose different skins.
  17. Update....
    Ok I figured out what my problem was and have found it.
    The extracted files were in a subfolder..So once I put this apart I saw several cars.;)
    Only thing I still have is that the Fiat 131 is not going well for livery modification whit this manager.
  18. You're not the first to mention it to me. I'm working on a fix for that in my upcoming version 3.