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Mods Dirt Rally Enhanced Visuals 1.2

Achieves a overall better look and feel of the game. Realistic vibrant colors

  1. It looks like you massively increased the saturation, it's too much on a 'colourful' monitor, perhaps something of a lessened amount so it doesn't look as cartooney??
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  2. Do you have your monitor calibrated? What gamma settings are you running? I have a good IPS panel, and i dont think its overly saturated. I will update it with less saturation, as it is probably too much due to different monitor settings (I have a calibrated monitor with low saturation) Wait a minute or 2 and i will update it for you.
  3. Go with Version 1.2
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  4. Whilst i can't see/compare the updates right now, i will say that generally i find screenshots of DR can always take some sharpening, so i do like that change as you said you're doing it. Whilst not comparing in game (only the screenshots) it was only the saturation i could see what too much. Greens and reds (not the car) were the issue there.
  5. Well, the preset is still vibrant, as i think it should, the testing has mainly been done in finland, which is during the autumn. I dont think that the colours is to blame, but sharpening in combination with too much saturation and contrast. I think it looks good now, but there is always room for improvement.
  6. Have you looked into Master Effects Reborn for Reshade? I find its much more powerful than sweetFX
  7. Yeah, i have been using master effects for a while. What happens is that i usually work with effects revolving around my system, and it tends to get quite heavy, so people with lesser computers usually run my builds pretty poorly. If you run at 40-50 fps, you cant sacrifice 15+ fps..
  8. It doesnt start with the game. I have reshade/sweetfx in AC and you can see the reshade text in the left corner when starting a track, but this doesnt happen in Dirt Rally. Scroll lock button does nothing when on the track either. I noticed there is 32bit and 64bit dll's with the pack so maybe i have to take one out, not sure. Removed the 32bit one but still didnt work.

    Any ideas?