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Mods DiRT Rally Camera Mods 1.0

Chase cam mods, No lag/roll etc mods, FOV mods, PostP mods, No Replay mods

  1. AgentHeX 0007 submitted a new resource:

    DiRT Rally Camera Mods -
    Chase cam mods with 10 different heights, No lag/roll etc mods for chase cams, FOV mods for all camera views, Post Process mods, No Replay mods, Reduce the visibility of the cars glass. Remove the annoying white out effect that triggers when you hit an object at speed.

    I would recommend that the games "automatic update" is turned off.

    This will give you chance to restore the default camera files before updating the game to a newer version.

    I will try to keep the mod files up to date with the game patches/new cars as they are released.

    Bug reports, feedback, ideas are welcome :thumbsup:
    Last edited: May 6, 2015
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  2. The mods I drive with are "Chase Cam Height 5 + Custom Post Process + FOV Mod"
    I really like neutral post process also.

    Examples of the 10 different heights:

    Chase Cam Height 9 + Neutral Post Process + FOV Mod in action:

    Game benchmark showing Chase Cam Height 5 + Neutral Post Process + FOV Mod in action:
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  3. Thanks for your great job, again! :thumbsup:

    Future request: option to raise bumper camera a little bit and hood camera

    P.S. Can we hope that you'll made your amazing mod for DiRT3 CE? :rolleyes:
  4. AgentX, there was game update and some cars were added. Will you update your mod too? =)
    Thank you!
  5. Yes, been working on it the past few nights, plus some other added extras. :thumbsup:
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  6. All hail to da AgentHEX007! :geek:
  7. Hey. please, ADD "Follow Up" camera to this game, so when drift i can see sides of the car. Basically It should focus the road NOT THE CAR. Something like in Crazy Taxi City Rush:

    Current camera only allows to see the back of the car, it does not swing around car during turns, well just a little. I personally hate Original cameras showing the car. It's hard to maintain the car on ther road, cos with every controller move, my screen goes Left or Right.

    Please reply to me . thx
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  8. Hi again! Can you update your mod for the new cars that has been added in the version 5.0 please? Thank you :)
  9. Great work and thanks ! But it does not swing around car.
    It is very inconvenient. Can you rotate the camera around, like in Dirt 1, 2, 3 ?
  10. v.0.5.106 is out =)
  11. Still no update =(