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Digigrafet next skin pack Ferrari Challenge pack

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tim Brokaw, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. this is my current project, I'll make a separate resource on RD for all things Ferrari Related,here are a few pics of the First Skin which is done, it still needs some details taken care of (tires etc).

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  2. I want these on the GT2 when its here! Amazing.
  3. very possible that could be arranged, I'm also excited for all the GT cars we have coming down the pipe. Second car for the pack is done 3 more to go until release.

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  4. Think id like to commission you to do us a team skin when MP is available if possible Tim?
  5. that might be possible, when Multiplayer is available and we know how skin sharing will be implemented, (in game app, out of game app etc) hit me up and we'll see what's going on.

    Stabiz - this message is to you, I am eager to see some skins man, you could help me with my free packs :D
  6. I am too busy driving, hehe!
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  7. figures :D
  8. Nice job!
  9. Wonderful skins,well done.
  10. 3 of 5 complete, should be ready in a couple days.
  11. another skin that will be featured in the pack which should be ready for download later tonight or early tomorrow is this one which features Matte paint and Carbon fiber base with silver foil pin striping and decals. here's a video to show you how the reflections look on it when in motion.
  12. Would love a castrol toms skin, hint hint :)
  13. all but one in this pack are re-creations of actual liveries but replicas of other popular liveries are not out of the question, like the BMW packs I will update this as more get added, I believe I have another painter who is going to help me expand this pack. Speaking of which, it's done I'm off to make a resource thread for it now.
  14. Awesome!