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Difficulty - Intermediate to Pro time differences

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by kimkom, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. I'm have difficulty with my career AI difficulty setting. At the moment I am racing with Force India and seem to be winning every race (25% distance) far too easily. On average, I'm also qualifying 3-4 sec per lap faster than AI.

    I tried setting the difficulty to Professional, but then AI qualifying times were around 4 sec faster than I could achieve!

    So average time difference between AI difficulty settings is 8 secs per lap? Seems a bit steep.

    My last two races, I've been 30 sec ahead after the first 4 laps. How can I make this more realistic?
  2. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    If you want realistic put it on expert, realistically you shouldn't be winning races in a Force India.
    But if your looking for competitive racing keep it on professional. As you I get upgrades your car will slowly feel better to drive and you should be able to meet your targets.
  3. Or you could try the semi pro mod? ;)
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I know it doesn't help but here is why the large difference exists, it's due to Patch 6 :-

    They didn't tweak any of the lower levels up at the same time as tweaking the Pro level
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    Semi-pro mod?

    I realize I shouldn't really be winning races in a Force India. Equally, I shouldn't be 4 secs off the pace either. Especially after constantly blitzing the AI on intermediate.

    Maybe I'll try Pro some more.
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  6. Yes, semi pro level mod. Do a search on the mods section. I altered my database to allow better and closer racing for my skill level which was between pro and inter. Try it.
  7. Thanks Andy, I already found it.

    I've changed my own medium track difficulty settings to match yours. That way hopefully, I won't have to restart my career. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help and info :)
  8. Aahhhh this seems more like it!

    Just been through Q1 at Silverstone, finished 4th. Times are a lot closer now.

    A couple of questions if I may, Andy...

    1. I take it this just works in career, not in quick race?
    2. If I alter the db track difficulty value nearer to 1 that makes it harder? i.e. higher values = harder, lower values = easier ?

    I think you just made this game come alive for me! :)
  9. Well the big guns came out in Q2 and I finished 12th having done a pretty decent 1.37.700. A 1.37.400 would have seen me through. Think I could have scraped into Q3 with a little more effort.

    This is around where I should be in a Force India though! Team mate was less than a second behind me, he didn't make it to Q3 either!
  10. you can tweak the track_difficulty table in the database. value scaling is self explanatory although I think its non linear.

    game has become much more enjoyable now that I don't have to be in no mans land between Intermediate and Pro.
  11. Andy,

    In addition to my previous two questions, could I please ask how you arrived at the track difficulty values in your db?

    With those figures, I can't imagine you just fiddled a bit to see what happens!
  12. I have noticed that the AI are using their DRS when on straights during race conditions outside DRS zones!! Anyone noticed this?
  13. Trial and error my friend. I am still messing with mine to make it perfect for me. Glad you are now enjoying the game.:thumbsup:
  14. I had the same issues but then after changing my steering wheel I found that I could keep up with my team mate at the pro level regardless of which team I was with. Took some time to get there but it was fun improving my times.

    The gap they created is to large IMO and they realy need to think about making the game have an option for a difficulty somewhere between inter and pro...

    But this is codemasters we're talking about, what we the fans want is only taken into account after they have tried to appeal to the more casual gamer!
  15. Andy, wonder if I could bother you with a question concerning your semi pro database file. I have the same issue were inter is too easy and pro where the AI is a bit too fast. Downloaded your database file and Ryder's editor. Trying to compare your file with my current file to see what exactly you changed. But I'm not sure what values you are changing despite some searching. Could you fill me in on to what values/catagories of the database you are adjusting please? Many thanks in advance!