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Difficult times adjusting the wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Cássio Amary, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hi there. First of all, my questions might sound dumb, but I´ve started to play racing games not long ago, and never had a ffb wheel before, just bought one now, so forgive my ignorance on the subject.

    Well, I´m using a G27, and my current settings are:

    Logitech global device settings:


    Logitech F1 2012 profile:


    F1 2012 in-game settings:


    My questions are: Is it normal that even when traveling at relatively low speeds (like 50, 60km/h) on a straight and moving the wheel a little bit to one side or another it fights you to return to center and always center itself? And another thing is I´m using 270° rotation for F1 2012, and when I´m going under roughly 80km/h or so, just for testing purposes and moving the wheel from lock-to-lock I can ''feel'' the wheel moving pretty much with the same resistance all the 270°, but as soon as I go to like 100km/h or more and do the same thing, as I´m fighting the wheel´s constant resistance, just before reaching the steering lock of either side, (between 100° and 135°) I feel the wheel getting loose completely, kind of 'snaps' when I reach 100°, while maintaining the speed and turning the wheel back to a lower degree I feel the resistance again. Is that normal?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. That's just poor FFB from F1 2012. It's like this on this game. No feel at all. That's the reason we need hours of practice for races. On pCARS I go to the limit in a very short time, but this game just has very bad feel. If you rly want to just have some FFB feedback to see what it is and etc - that's not the game to get it. :D
  3. cassio

    The game really has poor FFB. But tweaking and getting the right settings that suits you makes a huge difference.

    check the sticky first. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/wheel-settings-you.56491/

    my suggestions:

    logitech 2012.PNG

    set all Advanced wheel settings in game to zero(0)
    specialy linearity, make sure its 0. that messes things up for me.

    force feedback in game is up to you. try the real feel FFB mpd by Roberto Costa here

    Hope it suits you well.
  4. sorry double posted
  5. Thanks a ton for this. Just got a G27 last week and as a lifelong gamepad user I was really having a tough time adjusting. Especially with this game. But these settings really suit me perfectly. I'm finally running faster lap times with the G27 than I was with my precious gamepad. And after my first 2 days with the G27 I didn't think that would ever happen.
  6. You don't know how true that statement is!

    I'm pretty quick on my logitech g27 on rfactor compared to f1... I've been on a microsoft wheel up until saturday... But boy it comes so much quicker and the feel the car gives you is awesome!

  7. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    I use on the profiler :

    130% 0% 0% 0% 159°

    And in the game i keep everything on 0%
  8. I'll have a play with my settings later on, I think I have pretty much have default apart from forcefeedback settings turn right up!

    So much better than the xbox wheel! Although, I only really played Forza and F1 on it