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Different level of dificult on carrer mode at race/practice/qualification

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Waluk, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Hello.
    I have a problem because when I have practice/qualification or warm up on carrer I have best time (offen better than 2 sec per lap than secound place). But on race they have better time than me offen more than 1,5 sec. For example in America I have time around 2,21 min. They have (for example Miller) have a 2,23 min on practice, qualification and warm up. But on race they have 2,19 min time. I don't have problem to lose race, but for me is very unreal than I have 2 sec better on qualification but on race they are faster then me. Maybe You have problem like that or maybe You know how to explain that?

    Best regads.
  2. I am also much faster in qualifying on pro level but the AI is almost 2 seconds a lap faster in the race. I maintain my qualify times. I can only manage 8th place in most of the races. It has to be a game bug.
  3. rkh


    Guys, this has all been fixed. Do you not read the forums?? Giovaneveterano did a fantastic job and I offered an alternate version as well. No more speed bug, but again, do you just not read the releases??
  4. Hmmm...sorry. I joined the forum on my mobile and did not realize this is a PC sim forum. I am playing the PS Vita. Sorry to be a bother. I'll wait for a patch or something on Vita - if there is ever one.
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