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Different grip levels for the track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Butters69, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Hi all can anyone tell me how I can have multiple grip levels for my track. What I am wanting is so that each section of the surface across the width of the track has it's own level. I understand that the tdf file is where I set up how I would like to set the settings for a particular name e.g. Roads or Poads Pits etc to the desired grip level. What I don't understand is how I assign these to a piece of track.

    Any help as always would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Make a new entry in the tdf and in the line 'Material=' call it something like rdotr (road outer), then make a new material and name it rdotr00 etc, apply that material to the outer road sections.
  3. Ok just so I can understand how this all works lets say I have a material applied to my track from the Default Xpack and it's called cobble001. When I export it the Cobble doesn't actually get mentioned in any of the 'materials=....' does this mean that it is just using a default one? Does this mean that for every track material or driveable surface within my game that I should be amedning the TDF files to include my material names e.g. add cobble to the Road Bumps LVL 1?

    A little but confused here as always but I am trying to do as you mentioned and work it backwards mianiak.
  4. When maniak talks about the material name, he's referring to the "rFactor Material name" parameter, either in Edit Materials (in BTB) or in XPacker.
  5. God I love you guys. Whenever I get stuck boom you are right there. It is really quite amazing how much this program actually does and offers. Just when you think you have reached BTB's limitations eehhhhh wrong, you are just yet to realise the potential of what you can do.

    Thanks a bunch. :)
  6. Do I have to have a bump and spec layer when creating a new material to use as a road surface? Not sure what these 2 actually do.

    Also how come if I use an object e.g. ripple strip but then I delete it the DDS files for it still show up when exported? Can I just delete these if I know they weren't used on the track from within the game track folder? (that would be a no to deleting them from the folder just tried loading the track after doing so and got a whole lot of errors)
  7. This is something I have been reading up on the last few days, I found that just diffuse and spec does a fine job. The Specular map controls how the light shines off the surface. You can also use multiply and add to give it more life but I haven't got that far yet.

    In this pic its just diffuse and spec.

    Set your specular power to about 5 and play with the neg lod bias, so you can see a clear pic infront of you with out the mips causing it to blur, but don't set it too low because it will start to get jaggered lines and shimmer. In that pic ^^ the neg lod bias on the spec map is set to -2

    I first used bump and spec, but the bump only gave me a plastic kind of look.

    Open up some other tracks and unpack the map mas files, have a look at the road spec maps and you will get the idea how its done.

    [ED] The images showing up on export is just a btb issue, you can stop that from happening by reopening the project, I can't remember if you need to restart btb or just reopen it.
  8. Thanks Mianiak. Is there any way of viewing an object from an X-Pack? I wouldn't mind seeing how the ripple strip objects look from the default Xpack to give me an idea of what to do.
  9. You can open the gmt in simed after you export it.
    Or, export it as .x and import it into Blender.