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Different FFB Strengh on different tracks?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by IJOJOI, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Hi guys!

    First Post ftw ;)
    I own rF2 for quite some time now (since it's available actually) but haven't touched
    it for some time due to the lack of time.
    With the Flat 6 Mod I've sunken into probably the best sim atm again.
    All I can say is, I haven't had that much fun for years!

    Now to my problem.
    I started off playing ISI's offical tracks and moved on to some modded ones shortly after.
    ISI's Silverstone, as well as Laguna Seca (http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mazda-raceway-laguna-seca.2258/) worked out perfectly.
    Good, strong FFB on both my T500 and my CSWv2.

    When I moved to some other modded tracks however, i noticed a lot of clipping and a general increase of steering resistance. (e.g. RedBullRing, Nordschleife)

    Is there anything I don't know about FFB strengh being track-related?
    Best Regards
  2. I don't notice a general increase of resistance on different tracks. But i do notice a more solide FFB on rubbered tracks vs a green track.

    Some FFB spikes can occur on more bumpy tracks or when hitting a high curb.

    IMO those spikes/clips are ok. But that's a personal thingy.
  3. I am talking about a green track on all instances ;)

    These spikes are clipping VERY hard though, I like strong effects, but I don't like broken wheels :p
  4. Silverstone is definitely a smooth track.

    For setting car specific FFB, even modern cars, I always drive Brianza on the banked curves and Belgium. It will be a rare track that stresses FFB more.
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  5. This can happen on tracks where the mesh is not the best ;)
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  6. That seems very possible ;)
    I'll just tone down the overall strength of the car specific FFB just a bit ;)

    Thx guys!
  7. This is a track problem. Perhaps, I suspect rFactor physics could be toned down, how it reacts on bumps though.

    I had the opportunity to try rFactor 2 on 3 different laser scanned tracks with very detailed surface geometry and with some cars it's almost unbearable to drive there. Slower cars with no super downforce like flat6 mod can handle them, although it becomes very noticable even in that car when you get to know what to look/feel for.

    In formula cars the problem becomes much more obvious. The road surface translates into crazy rattling in my G27 and I notice also that the car bounces up from the track which means way lower grip and unpredictable behaviour.

    When having physics like this, that is very sensitive to everything, not covering anything up, it puts high demands on tracks, where rFactor lacks compared to assetto corsa and iRacing for example with laser scanned tracks and a physics model built upon driving on that geometry.

    There needs to be a standard set, a way to communicate this to modders so tracks are made with a certain limit on track smoothness.

    Toning down FFB strength and turning upp FFB smoothing doesnt really help the problem, because the reason is physics and FFB is based on physics, you will have a very bad handling behaviour and a FFB on drugs.

    Some better tracks and graphics quality in rFactor 2 and we would all be in heaven.
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  8. @Tomas Torasen
    100% agree.
    There is just a big modding jungle out there for rf2 mods.
    You can download a lot of different tracks, but you'll never know how well they actually drive...
    What are the best Tracks for rf2 besides ISI's content anyway??

    I mean I have a lot of stuff installed, but it certainly isn't the best in terms of quality.
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  9. Well there's aestethics (texture quality basically) and theres road quality, you probably have bad looking tracks that feels great and vice versa. I havent had enough time to make a list of the best tracks in terms of driving on them.
  10. Two things:

    1) G25/G27/G29 has a slower update rate than rF2 produces, so rF2 HAS to have filtering turned on. G25/G27/G29 has weak overall motor, so range of FFB is small. Plus the backlash required for gear drive means you will always have rattling. While theG25/G27/G29 works in rF2, I can't recommend them for rF2 and the Thrustmaster T300 is the real entry point.

    2) Vehicle setup makes a difference with bumpy tracks. Raise ride height, remove packers, and make sure the shocks really are controlling the suspension and not binding it up. On light formula cars, you may have to change spring rate.
  11. Yep I can imagine different wheels behave really differently. I know just from other titles where FFB differed like it was different sims/games.

    I would really like to buy the fanatec club sport wheel and a couple rims but then I need a new wheel stand and I'd like a new stick shifter too. The price for the gear needed I would rather put in buying a nicer real car.
  12. I was talking about my T500 and my CSWv2 in my mainrig. So the FFB range is not really a problem.
    Although it's still possible to get better by using servo wheels (like SimXperiance's Accuforce etc).
  13. Agree except the last sentence. Core physics engine updates need to continue. The game shouldn't have to have track surface details modeled according to what works for it's particular vehicle dynamics and kinematics systems (core physics engine). The core physics engine should be ever improving/fixed (or even partly re-written) and eventually "1-to-1" track surface physical modelling shouldn't affect cars in unrealistic ways.
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