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Different brake point between Gameplay vs Replay

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. I just like to know if brake point is slightly further in replay compare to real gameplay is something normal & common.

    Example i use to brake here ->

    but in replay i brake here ->

    So is this normal?? And what cause this actually ?? Thanks first
  2. Never heard of this before, is hard to judge anything with this little information or without seeing for myself in the game. You should open the pedals app and look at the brake pedal.
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  3. Good suggestion. Will do :)
  4. You must be mistaken, lol. This would be a major bug - I haven't heard of it.
  5. Yeah i hope so .. its quite a long time i found i brake a little later in replay than the actual gameplay & this not happen only in AC.
    But then i will test again with pedal app tonight to see if thats just my illusion or something :D
  6. It would be weird that you'd see yourself braking late, normally it's only others when you watch them on the server.
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  7. Ok i done a little experiment with pedal app and i get this result .. the different not as big as i imagine but still it is there i guess.

    This is the real gameplay screenshot where i start to brake:

    This is the replay version:

    Not exactly the same right ?? Am i getting some kind of lag ??
    Anyway looks like i brake early in replay instead of later according to the screenshot :whistling:
  8. Is still not the same exact moment in the replay as the screenshot from real time. The replay screenshot has just a bit less braking. But is difficult to match them exactly, because you can't manipulate frames with the replay playback slider. Only if you record the replay with a recording software and then in the video editor try to match both moments, with the real time gameplay screenshot as standard.
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  9. I experienced this too, is it because there is an input lag thats why replay and actual doesnt match?
  10. Have you experimented with the quality of replay slider in the settings? I would assume the lower the quality the more likely the timing will be off.
  11. The lag is definitely there & even bigger especially watching the replay without recording & also i found i have to blip a little later like 0.2s+- example for cars like BMW M3 E30 Grp A or Lotus 49 or whatever cars that need to blip otherwise it wont work properly. I mean if i downshift & blip at the same time there a big chance i spin.

    I thinking may be its cause by my GPU which have only 1GB VRAM, it always full load no matter what game i play even in lowest graphic setting & for game like COD Ghost or Advanced Warfare it wont even run at all.

    Guess have to be at least 2 GB VRAM for any GPU to play the current gen's game ;)