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Difference connecting Fanatec CSR Elite pedals to wheel or PC?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Freddy van Vliet, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I just bought Fanatec CSR Elite pedals to go with my still pretty new Fanatec CSR wheel. I have a question though. Does it make a difference whether i plug the pedals into the CSR wheel or the pc? I know that if i plug them into the wheel, I could also use the wheel and pedals with a xbox360 and ps3 (though i don't have one). But i read on the product description of the pedals that when connected by usb, it has a high resolution (so when connected to the wheel it does not? Or?).

    So my question is whether the pedals will work better when connected to the pc? Or might it give more problems that way, in that it might cause problems with certain games? What do you recommend when using it with a CSR wheel and on pc?

    Freddy van Vliet
  2. Higher pedal resolution going direct to the PC which potentially means greater accuracy but to be honest, I've tried it both ways and I can't notice any difference. I'd recommend you do the same and come to your own conclusion. It certainly won't hurt anything to try it both ways.
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  3. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Same as above. Tried both ways and noticed little difference with my CSR and CSPv2s.
  4. Robin

    Premium Member

    Instead of 1024 steps on the direct USB mode you have 256 steps when connected to the wheel.
    On paper this resolution increase is quite something, but I think anatomically our foot control is just not sensitive enough to really mark a difference.

    Still, I could see where the higher resolution could have an advantage in a scenario where a game's performance is dropping due to old pc hardware. At 1024 steps it might be skipping steps due to timer inconsistencies (of the processor for example under heavy load) and you would not really see any sensitivity changes in the game, whereas with 256 steps it might be jerky earlier. Not sure though, just speculating.
  5. Thanks for your feedback! I actually also put the question forward to Fanatec itself, but I thought the enquiry failed to send. I was wrong however, as it was sent. I also got a swift reply from them and they said it doesn't make a significant difference.

    So, reading their reply as well as yours, I have decided to plug the pedals into the wheel. The reason for this is because I have a Playseat Challenge collapsable seat. This way I can tidy up the cable even more nicely.
  6. look at ya lap times in both methods and you should see a slight difference when connected directly via usb with the response a little quicker means more control over the car not that you really notice it
  7. Or you could do what I did on my wheel stand, I put a USB hub on it so when I take it out to race I only have to connect 1 USB cable to my PC, with the wheel, pedals and a DSD buttonbox all connected to the USB hub. I chose to get a powered USB hub, not sure if this is needed but I recommend getting one anyways as you are sure that your wheel has enough power through USB, it does add another power cable to attach ofc but it's a fair tradeoff for me (one power + one USB vs 3 USB or even more should I get more button boxes etc).
  8. Robin

    Premium Member

    Clever solution, although Fanatec votes against connecting via a USB hub when upgrading firmware, so beware. :)
  9. Might be valid might not be, I think it's merely a case of them ruling out ANYTHING that possible CAN go wrong in a TOS kind of way, like McDonalds warns you that their coffe is hot...
    The USB connectors at the back of your PC is technically a USB Hub in and of itself.