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Difference between opposite lock and steering lock?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Roger Snead, May 22, 2013.

  1. Roger Snead

    Roger Snead

    Hello to all. What's the difference between opposite lock and Steering Lock? Thank you

    UPDATE...after doing some research it appears opposite lock is a driving technique (Wiki) correcting oversteer via turning wheels in the opposite direction of the turn, and steering lock is the amount of degrees the front wheels are able to turn in.
    What I am not sure of is how it works in the sim,w/it ticked on/off. I guess the best way is to get out on the track and try it. How does the setting actually work? What is suggested on/off? Thank you.
  2. Lars Brugman

    Lars Brugman

    Oppisite lock is I think when that it turns the weel itself to correct oversteer, not sure on this though as I never used it myself :)
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  3. JoelGL


    Any confirmation on how Opposite Lock works in the game? Thanks.
  4. Spinelli


    Ya, It just helps you with some opposite lock when you need it. So when the back slides out it'll help you apply opposite lock in order to save the slide. If you play with a keyboard or gamepad this will help. Would probably feel messed up if you use a wheel though (so would "steering help" if you use a wheel)
  5. Arohicool


    Opposite lock won't work with rFactor User Name: Remember Me? Password:

    The terms "opposite lock" and "counter-steering" refer to the position of the steering wheel during the maneuver, which is turned in the opposite direction to that of the bend.

    The technique works best on loose surfaces where the friction between the tires and the road is not too high, but can also be used on asphalt or other surfaces with high friction if the vehicle has enough power to maintain speed.

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