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Didn't Know Where This Went....?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Tony Holder, Apr 23, 2013.

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  2. Nearly got a heart attack at 02:23. Great video though, and also interesting to see how the shape of the F1 cars have evolved through the years.
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  3. So turn up the volume :rolleyes:

    A comparison like this makes no sense, there is no indication by how much the microphone is dampening the sound in each clip. Even nowadays, if you sat in an F1 car without earplugs, you'd go deaf for a few hours.
  4. Whine all you want about today's engine sound - at least they got rid of that horrible crackling when traction control was engaged.
  5. Apologies for this noobish question, but take a look at this video (Montoya from 2006 in Imola)

    Do you hear the growling sound at 0.18 and 0.42? Thats caused by traction control isn't it? It sounds great I think. I know there is also the sound of TC when he accelerates out of corners.I dont mind that to be honest. It's better than the "bag of nails" sound from 2011 with the blown diffuser.
  6. 0.18 is rev limiter i think. and 42s is the TC you hear all the time out of corners.
  7. both are TC

    I wouldnt mind something like this for next year @ 3.18 @5.08
  8. Similar sound here, except it´s on a straight not a corner.