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Did this weather glitch return?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Finn, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I could have sworn that the second console patch took care of the weather issues but having returned to the game after an absence of a couple of months they are very well back in action.
    The one that is killing me is where in quali it says 0% chance of rain and it comes down lightly at the end of quali 2 and then buckets in quali 3...the big issue (other than annoying perisistently crap forecasting) is that you're apparently supposed to drive the track on Option tyres - as the AI do but you inevitably slip around on anything while they post false quick times...sigh...
    Optimistically asking for suggestions?
  2. Weather is never a certainly, even in real life they are estimates and calculated guesses at best.

    The best I can suggest is try to ignore it, if you have not seen it for months then chances are it is not going to happen for a while yet and could just be a rare occurrence,
  3. The most annoying thing about rain is qualy is that when you're in the garage is scripted. I remember once it rained Korea and I went out with options in Q3 (like everyone else) and I impossible to drive. I went out immediately out and my 2 laps were around 1.59.5 while the rest of the field were around 2 minutes. As soon as I returned to the pits I was 10th and pole was something like 1.37 ;
  4. The same thing happened to me in Korea. 0% Rain and other drivers were in option
  5. Went to Canada today...thinking it was dry and every time I went out it was wet. I even skip a few minutes and it stayed the same....It made me restart my season.
  6. Did re-starting your career help with the issue? I still have rain issues at practically every track.