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Did this game break my DFGT wheel?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kiopo, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. don't try the force feedback settings on 100% like you used to have them in 2010.

    did one lap of this and the force feedback was so violent that there is now a popping / clicking sensation in the wheel at two points in the rotation. hopefully logitech's two year manufacturers warranty will cover it.

    the force feedback on the kerbs in particular feels way too violent even on low environmental settings.
  2. It seems codemasters have really stuffed those of us on the GT wheel. So much so that I will probably take this unplayable game back. I'd go on f1 2010 but there will be limited online activity there now. An absolute nightmare.
  3. Agreed, 2010 felt great on the wheel, responsive but not over the top. If I get a new wheel I'm not sure if I'll be going back to it unless they patch it, had this wheel a long time and I've never felt it react that violently on any game. I guess logitech shouldn't make it possible for a game to physically break the wheel but there's no real reason to have the settings that intense..
  4. Think I will take it back and but GT5 if there is no fix / patch for the wheel Gutted because I love F1 and have no real interest in other racing formats.
  5. Maybe your wheel was just on its way out? I don't think it was the games fault. I use the same wheel and 100% ffb and after playing with the settings the wheel feels pretty much the same as it did in 2010 with no issues.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I still don't understand why people buy the DFGT in the first place instead of a G25/G27. It's like buying a Seat instead of a Volkswagen. Almost looks the same, but the details and the quality of the VW are just a lot better :)

    Very unlikely that a game will kill your wheel :)
  7. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    They are made in the same factory :p

    A DFGT costs £90. A G27 cost under £200,

    I don't undersdtand buying somehting cheap that will break and you have to buy again.
    For double thr price, you get a wheel that works for twice, if not longer than the DFGT.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    With different parts :) Seat is always two years behind when it comes to the engine and other vital parts of the car. Hard plastic instead of leather. (plastic DFGT pedals instead of rock solid G25 pedals :))
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Hmm, so how far behind is skoda, and how far ahead is Audi in the waiting list!? :D (fanatec clubsport pedals vs Madcatz wireless xbox pedals) :D

    Sorry bit off topic....
  10. Well aside from my cat or me taking a hammer to it, there isn't much else that would kill a racing wheel :-P. There is no doubt in my mind that it did, F1 2010 was never that violent and I played it for months and months. In the lap I talked about I felt something 'go' inside the wheel whilst going over a kerb.

    I'm not saying that this is CM fault; as I said, Logitech shouldn't make it possible for any game to be able to damage the motors / gearing. Maybe indeed there is a manufacturing fault and any game with heavy FFB would have broken it. But the person I spoke to did say it was very much possible. I'm merely posting to warn others not to use it at 100% on all sliders for the PS3 version with this wheel. Breakages aside, it is unnecessarily intense.
  11. Are you using 100% wheel weight too? Let me know how it goes. I didn't say it was the games fault as such, just that it was the direct cause of it breaking when it had been working in F1 2010 for around 6 months flawlessly. Obviously if they've made the FFB more intense in this game and there was a manufacturing fault in the wheel, it'd only become apparent now. Just a warning.
  12. People buy dfgt because it's great value for money and is a lot cheaper than g25.
  13. It is tough, I didn't think I could afford the £200 plus I got the DFGT for around £70. Two years manufacturers warranty is something at least.

    Not sure about the car analogy either, lol. Seat and VW are practically identical aren't they? And even then, VW quality isn't what it's cracked up to be.
  14. ps the grammar error in the title is doing my head in, 'Did this game break my DFGT wheel?' at least!
  15. I've had a DFGT for nearly a year now and obviously tried my personal settings from F1 2010 first off, and I have to say that I found F1 2011 un-drivable. However, having read many of the DFGT posts on this forum prior to buying the game, I was kinda prepared for that as many had said they had suffered from similar difficulties.

    The important thing to understand, is that F1 2011, is a totally different animal from F1 2010. I have spent all evening tinkering with the games wheel settings and also the settings in the Logitech profiler and have now on my way to having a descent set-up (I'm not quite there yet but its miles better than it was). But my settings bear no resemblance to my F12010 settings.

    Firstly, it is vital to sort out the settings in the Logitech profiler first as these form the foundation of the settings for the wheel in game. I would agree that wacking it up to 100 or 150% in the Logitech profiler in F12011 is not the way to go, as makes the wheel feel like you are wrestling a dinner plate from the hands of and epileptic orang-utan.

    Personally I've always found this degree of feedback counter-productive as you can't feel the subtle nuances of the track that allow you to correct a spin or lift the throttle when you have attacked a corner too fast. It would also stand to reason that too much input would potentially shorten the useful lifespan of the wheel too. However, each-to-their-own.

    I'm still tinkering with my settings so I don't want to jump the gun, but I'll be happy to post them here once I feel I’ve got a decent balance.

    I think its important to try and hang on in there, as I don't belive the games broken.... just different! :)
  16. I have my DFGT set (for PC):

    - Everything default in the Logitech profiler
    - Everything 0% in advanced wheel settings
    - Environmental Effects 20%
    - Feedback Strength 20%
    - Wheel weight 0%

    That works great for me - although you can turn the environmental effects up a little bit to suit.
  17. Exactly. This really isn't a difficult concept to understand.
  18. I'm on a G27 and this stupid game has done something to it. The wheel is less than two months old and hasn't been used much at all and worked fine. However after playing F1 2011 on Thursday the wheel now grinds horribly when calibrating and makes a strange sound inside the base when I turn the wheel with FFB on.

    People say software can't break hardware well I think that's BS!
  19. I got a Logitech Formula Force RX and on playing '11 for the first time i had major issues with FFB and steering sensitivity until i realised that codies had reversed the settings , ie in '10 steering throttle and brake sat were set at 95-100% but in '11 sats are set at 5-10% to achieve parity. This took me 10 minutes to work out but a simple heads-up from Codies would have been nice,but that said things are now golden as regards '11. Just a side note mainly for Bram no disrepect mate but some of us cant afford the 189.99 notes for a G27 plus the add on goodies so we cut our cloth accordingly so try to be a little less "in your face" about the G27. My RX only cost me 70 notes and that was 2-3 yrs ago ,but it does the job more than addiquately and when my kids leave home and the wife runs off with the gardener (praying bloody hard for that!!) i will have the latest G (insert number of model) available!
  20. maybe codemasters should pay for your wheels... there was not exactly a warning and a lot of people seem to have had the same problem. the wheel i know to be of good quality because i have noticed the average price has actually gone up for them in the past year.