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Did the TP have better feeling than AC on Steam?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by eobet, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Is it just me or does the new Early Access version of Assetto Corsa have physics which feel much more rigid and stiff than the previous Technology Preview?

    I mean, I was completely blown away by the tech preview! It felt so alive the way the car bounced, lurched and behaved, and you could see it all so clearly in the replays. But now on Steam, it feels like much of the bouncing is gone, both from when you are driving and the replays, and because of it, it feels slightly more "dead"...

    This is a pet peeve of mine which I know I'm much more sensitive too than many others, so perhaps you will all call me crazy now...

    PS. Yes, I have disabled the "lock camera to horizon" option, which completely killed the game when left on default.
  2. Lotus Elise does feel quite different, the steering is much heavier and the rear gets loose very easily. These don't necessarily indicate that the physics (as in the basic physics of the sim) have changed that much, perhaps just the tyre parameters and a little ffb tweaking in the Lotus.

    Having said that, I did expect a little bit more from the driving feel. Nevertheless, its by far the best feel of the current sims in my opinion but there is room to improve.
  3. Luca Sodano

    Luca Sodano
    Kunos Simulazioni

    Hi guys, pay attention. In the setup screen of the Elise, now you can choose tyre compound (and fuel) too. In the TP we drove on semislick tyres and with very low fuel weight.
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  4. Elise in TP had diffrent differecial settings.Maybe thats the case.
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  5. Luca Sodano

    Luca Sodano
    Kunos Simulazioni

    That one too, forgot to say. No locked differential here.
  6. Hey Luca, would you have any configuration for the T500RS to share?
    I am not sure my current settings do justice to AC's physics.
    Thanks and congratulations ;-)
  7. Luca Sodano

    Luca Sodano
    Kunos Simulazioni

    Not now, sorry. I'll wait for some feedbacks about it, but if you find some good settings, feel free to post them in the related thread on the official forum too, thanks.