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Did not Save? Check file is read only?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by beef71, May 18, 2009.

  1. Hi. I'm brand new to rFactor, let alone modding. But, it was time to put NR2003 on the same shelf as the Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

    So I'm using the AIW editor, following Chub's instructions, and I go to click save waypoints...and it tells me "DID NOT SAVE. Check file is Read Only".

    Like I said before, I'm a noob. Or a Knob. And I'm kinda confused.

    Because of this, I spent 3 hours setting up my track in the AIW editor (and 3 days on BTB) and nothing works yet. I gave the track a new name and folder thinking maybe it was a file in the original track folder, nothing different. I tried making the AIW file read-only, still nothing.

    Any and all help is appreciated. Hopefully someone knows the answer.

    BTW, thanks for the product. I plan on buying once I figure out this glitch.
  2. The AIW file should NOT be read only as it needs to be written to. I think maybe the error message "DID NOT SAVE. Check file is Read Only" is Windows shorthand for "DID NOT SAVE. Check file in case it's Read Only"

    But then BTB always exports the AIW file as not Read Only as far as I know.

    Hopefully someone else will have a more helpful suggestion . .
  3. I checked, then re-exported for good measure. Same prompt.

    Thanks though.

    And I thought merging tracks was hard...
  4. For some reason the waypoint editor cant sava to the AIW file exported by BTB but don´t worry, it saves your progress only to the TEMP.AIW file that the editor creates. All you need to do is rename this file to yourtrackname.aiw when you finish and overwrite the original.
  5. is this vista, or xp

    Vista : you need to right click on Aiweditor and selected run has Adminstrator.
    Xp: shouldn't be a problem unless your not using the adminstrator account.
  6. Im on XP Pro
  7. ok, then try this.
    open rfactor folder, click on rfconfig.exe and check the window mode.
    run in a window mode, and see if there a popup message

    ewww, just relised i in 16bit mode, hehe

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  8. It works! Just a bit odd playing with a car I don't own in the actual game.

    But to see my track live, well worth it.

    Finally. All help is appreciated.

    As well, keep up the good work. Can't wait until the 'full' version is done. I heard .8 is shaping up nicely...:wink2:
  9. Can you tell me how you did to it works? I've the same problem :(