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Did Anyone Test This Game?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Every, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Staggeringly poorly beat tested and QA tested ths game, possibly one of the worst QA tested games on release I have ever played.

    In career in Intermediate, in an HRT, doing OK, getting decent results.

    Off we go to Canada. Wet race, every single other car is on dry tyres, I start at the back on inters. Get up to about 11th. Ignoring the fact that despite it being a wet race every car that passes me is using DRS and going about 20mph faster on the back straight!

    Weather changes about 3 times during the race, I stay out on inters and get up 7th.

    then is starts raining properly, I am the only guy on the right tyres, I start setting fastest laps, yet all of a sudden I get annhialted on every staright by cars ona wet track on dry tyres using DRS when it isnt allowed? And amazingly the guys leading dont set faster laps? Somehow...

    Is it me or is that a little bit pathetic, seems the dynamic weather doesnt talk whatsoever to the rest of the game, doesnt restrict things it should and doesnt simply operate at the same level.

    Just measn that the odd race in the year isa write off as from being to compete in the dry you are left just giving up in 24th when the cheating stupid AI is just allowed to do what they wnat when they want?

    I doubt Implodemasters will; do anything now as thier sweatshop will be working on code for 2013 and will not patch this anymore, huge bugs and ver poor for a purchased piece of software
  2. i'm not completely sure if it's the same in real life, but as for ai cars using drs in wet weather, it depends on the tyres, when on dry tyres u can use drs, when on wet tyres u can't, not depending on the actual weather.
  3. Actually you're wrong. In F1 2011 it was as you described but in 2012 when it's raining it doesn't matter what tyres you have, the DRS is disabled.
  4. In real life the race directors decides. For example in Malaysia this year DRS was enabled on drying track while everyone were on inters because there wasn't standing water and it was deemed safe enough. But I can't expect from CM to have a smart system to determine that. Actually, I can't expect anything from CM.
  5. You kind of know when you are getting passed on just power and when you are getting passed on DRS dont you? And these guys are in a wet race, it comes up on screen DRS not enabled and they are passing you 15 or so mph quicker, a DRS pass in other words?

    Very odd, and just seems too coincidental that is happens in the detection/DRS zone!!
  6. Why are you so ungrateful? F1 2012 may have its glitches but is way much better than F1 2011 in everything.I have no problems so far and i really enjoy it.
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  7. Agreed. I don't understand why people never stop moaning. If you always moan you can't find the good side of a game. Try focusing on that.
  8. Agree, the only complain I have is the autosave problem. Now I have started a clean install, even formatted my game pc. I have not included any mod file and didn't mess with the settings of my G27 wheel. Just everything standard and ultra settings. So far so good, but will it be when I start my game pc tonight?
  9. Lol, some people on here, just wait a minute. You have paid good money for a game. It is very good I will admit, I enjoy playing it, which makes an issue like this more annoying. You have entered into a basic contract with Codemasters that they will supply you with someonthing that works properly, is fun to play and gives you value for money.

    Now the boxes still get ticked. This a forum, not a sales area. I was simply voicing the opinion that there are clearly some parts of the game that ahve njot been tested very well, or at all. THAT is an issue for a retail relesed game I think you might agree! If you dont and you just buy anything they relese without being concerned, then fine, you are at their mercy!

    I will focus on an issue that prevents the purchaser of a game being able to enjoy it fully because the game has been rushed and not QA tested properly!

    If you are prepared to put up with that kind of thing then fair enough! People like Codemasters need your help in finding bugs, need your assistance in ironing out details, if you are prepared to just put up with huge game errors then youa re not really helping anyone but yourself.
  10. Rob you are wrong in this matter. F1 2012 on PC is the best of the lot so far. I am 3 seasons in to my career and it's wonderful. My modded AI really give me a challenge now, the graphics are the best yet, fantastic really. There are no bugs in my game that have spoilt my enjoyment. And this PC version cost me £29.99, cheaper and better than the console versions. What is it that you don't like?
  11. If you don't want a corrupted save file, don't download it from cloud. You should always use "upload local files" options.
  12. Thanks Victor, but I never play online. Always offline ;)
  13. It's nothing to do with online gaming.
  14. Nothing wrong really Andy, asi say, only a minor complaint.

    I was just saying that some areas of this game seem to be a little untested thts all, cars running DRS in the wet, running a wet track on slicks faster then when it was dry, stuff like that.

    I agree, its a good little game, no complaints there, but when you do pay for a game, you dont expect fairly glaring errors! Thats all.