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Dialling in FFB and car handling in different sims

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by JimmyRickard, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, fairly new to sim racing here, I've noticed a lot of people talking about dialling in or adjusting FFB in sim racers. I own PCars, iRacing, RRE and most recently purchased GCSE, where the steering felt like absolute ****. I feel like I'm missing out on something, because my experience with all of these games is a completely different one. For example, PCars is easy to drive, but the FFB is weak and doesn't feel sim like to me. iRacing feels spot on in the MX5, but the V8 Supercar is all over the place and way too difficult to drive (not sure it's an issue with FFB here). RRE feels pretty great although I'm constantly locking up brakes. And GSCE as I said, just felt wrong in every aspect, even after I fixed the wheel rotation setting.

    I guess it feels like after buying the game and plugging in the wheel, there is still a load of customizing and adjusting settings before the games can truly be appreciated.
    Where do I begin? What game should I concentrate on first? I probably found iRacing the easiest to jump into, but the commitment of scheduled online races makes it a bit difficult. I enjoy the SP campaign of PCars, but the way the handling works it feels too much like say Gran Turismo rather than a hardcore sim.
    Anyway, appreciate any advice
  2. ouvert


    what wheel what profiler settings are you using ...

    - pCars is one of the more complicated to set right .. lots of info in forum here, pC is leaning more towards simcade not really HC sim but before last few patches I remember to have pretty good informative FFB

    - GSC ispretty much plug in, set profiler and play and I would say it has pretty much second best FFB and there is basicaly nothing you can set wrong inside game settings ...

    - R3E has some issues with floaty feeling round centre ..
  3. i just plugged it in so no idea!
  4. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Actually, there's one more thing to consider.
    If you use the sim for single-player, I'd concentrate on either GSC or R3E.
    While pCars looks extremely nice, and the career-mode is admittedly fun, the AI is absolute rubbish.
    It's even worse than AC, and that's saying something.
  5. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I disagree and find the reverse with AC and pCars AI, but agree regarding GSCE haven't made up my mind about R3E yet.
  6. ouvert


    Ai in pCars is definitely worst than the one in AC after recent patch.. It is driving blind and it is not about giving them racing space but about not being where they might wanna go eventhough it is clearly your line (for example: driving next to AI on long straight, you are on line AI is scripted to take before corner, so it does take it like you are not there, crashing in to you)..
    ... Best AI (and also ffb and physics) is probably in rf2 than in r3e and gsc.

    But back to ffb. If you have logitech wheel you basically wanna set in profiler 0 spring, 0 dampers, 900 degrees of rotation (in case of GSC, as it doesn't support auto steering lock yet, 540 for most cars, 900 for mini or opala, round 180-220 for karts and set steering lock accordingly in car setup: 23 for 540 degrees for example ) , check allow game to change... In game it is reverse ffb for logitech (negative amount of ffb force in gsc) and your good to go...
  7. xnorb


    Oh please, not always this AC vs pC thing...

    In GSCE:
    Set Force Feedback Effects to Low
    Set Force Feedback Strength to -100

    Those settings seem very weird at first, but that's how you should put them :)
    If you set FFB Strength to +100, you'll end up with a sort of reversed FFB.

    In Garage 1 i usually up the Steering lock 2 ticks and set the wheel to 540.
    (I do that using the quick-switch on my G27)

    ProjectCars added something like presets in the last patch.
    Don't know if it helps anything, haven't checked them out yet.
    But being basically forced to setup the FFB yourself is of course a huge error.

    R3E requires also some adjusting (or simply isn't made for the G27...) but i
    haven't spent lots of time in R3E to talk a lot about those settings.