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DFGT - Settings for F1 '10 & '11 and GT5

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by CSR-Montoya, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. CSR-Montoya


    I need help with setting for Logitech DFGT.
    Specially for F1 games - settings from G27 does't work well..

    I got wheel yesterday, played GT5 and feeling is much diffrent then with G25 and G27.
    Still, GT5 was playable - FF set to 5, but F1 not!

    In F1 2010, i put this settings and could't pass 1-2 corners with them:

    SD - 0%
    SS - 55%
    SL - 85%
    TD - 0%
    TS - 90%
    BD - 5%
    BS - 75%

    Enviro - 10%
    FB Strenght - 40%
    Wheel Weight 70%

    Didn't try F1 2011 yet with wheel
    Any help with all 3 games.

  2. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    I play with a G27 so not sure i'll be too helpful but i did notice youre saturation on throttle and braker are REALLY high. If you have TC and ABS off a throttle and break THAT responsive will send you spinning unless you've got an incredibly accurate foot.

    Personally I left most settings pretty low, saturation between 2-10% My throttle pedal is pretty light as it is so too much sensitivity and I break traction to easily. My deadzones are 0 and 2 respectively 2 for brake just because of the slipstream glitch.

    Sorry forgot to mention im talking mainly about F1 2011 settings. 2010 is fairly similar in feedback options except i dont think the slipstreem braking deadzone glitch was in that game.