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DFGT PS3 Problem, please help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andrew Gibson, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. any help would be eternally grateful, ive had my DFGT for about 5 months and i only used it for about 4 hours when i first got it mainly because of room space.
    anyways when i did use it, it was on a fat ps3 and it worked fine and after a couple of months i stopped playing the game and not long after i got the YLOD and had to buy a slim:frown:
    with the new season under e way i digged f1 2010 out and started playing it again and thought hey ive got a new house so i'll give my DFGT a good go but when i play the game the car wont steer.
    eveything else is fine with it but when i fire up the game the wheel doesn't calibrate itself and the GT button doesn't light up so can someone please please please help me as i really wanna start enjoying this game with my wheel.
  2. I honestly dont mean to sound cheeky, but its plugged into the power is it?
  3. lol yes i have it plugged in, the only thing i can think of is im pretty confidant the adapter i used was not the one that came with the wheel.
    but like i said, eveything on the wheel and pedals worked, the only thing that didnt was the steering, when i started it up the wheel didn't calibrate itself and the gt button doesn't light up which i believe happens
  4. sorry for wasting your time but i found my logitech adapter and now it works yay :)
  5. Glad you got it sorted mate.
  6. thanks for your help, i just need to buy a wheelstand pro and then put the practice in to get used to the wheel