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DFGT - FFB deadzone around center

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Graham Byford, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I recently changed my wheel from a 270 deg Momo Force to a Driving Force GT.

    Overall it's a nice wheel and gives me 900 degrees of steering, but the FFB deadzone in the middle of the wheel is hard to get used to, my previous wheel didn't have this. Under hard braking it's hard to feel what the car is doing. I thought the DFGT had a single motor so I wasn't expecting to have this problem.

    I've tried upping the FFB strength in control panel to 107% like suggested for the G25/G27 but I can still feel it plus it clips the FFB more. I thought the DFGT had a single motor so I wasn't expecting to have this problem.

    When I drive cars in sims with lower steering lock range there is little to no deadzone like the Osella in Netkar, but in the Abarth it's there and in the Vintage.

    Any other settings I can try to tweak this out.


    Edit: The only way I can remove the ffb deadzone wih the Abarth is to set a very fast steering ratio but then the car is impossible to drive.
  2. Maybe you are not familiar with 900 degrees of rotation?Try to raise the steering lock value in the car setup. I have one DFGT and I think with is a great wheel for his price...
  3. The dead ffb in the center is worse with 900 degrees rotation, even with higher steering lock values to give a realistic steering ratio.

    The good thing is many cars I drive in sims only use 360-540 rotation and faster steering ratios, it's when I drove road type cars that use the full 900 degrees rotation where the problem rears its head the most. It feels totally unnatural to me to have this dead area in the middle of the wheel.