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Dfgt convert to button box

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Baddog, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Baddog


    so i am using G27 and have 2 dfgt steering wheels collecting dust , my thought is to pull a dfgt appart and use components etc as a button box for my G27 anyone with any ideas where to start ? Or even if this is possible ?
    Thanks for reading/ links and help :)
  2. In principle this could work, but I have no idea how the dfgt looks Inside. If you can figure out how the platines work, you could hijack it and solder some new buttons on.

    But on the other hand - the dfgt needs extra power. I dont know if the electronics would work without extra power. I would rather suggest an old gamepad:

  3. Baddog


    Well i will get my hammer :) and have at it lol i will post if any news
  4. ouvert


    • Give yourself at least one hour of free time. Find some movie to watch along :)
    • Take wheel apart
    • Cut wires leading from board to buttons - cut as close to buttons as possible so you have enough wires left. That way you dont need to solder on board, just to wires, or no soldering at all (take picture of it first just to be sure and to save you some time when reconecting) ..
    • Buy buttons of your liking,
    • Buy box for it, think about layout of your buttons,
    • Drill holles into box,
    • Connect wires to new buttons (you might need to use wires to extend them, mine controlboard is placed inside base of my pedals as it controls pots in pedals too .. than I have 1.5 meters long cable with male conector at the end and female on the backs side of buttonbox so I can deatach button box and have it without any cable as I`m putting it away with H-shifter when I don`t race),
    • Place buttons into drilled holes,
    • Close the box,
    • Find the way to fix your box to your rig (I have aluminium bar attached to holder of my TH8A, sticking to the side and button box attached to the bar, so it is sitting right next to shifter).
    • Finnish your movie :)
  5. Baddog


    So before dismantling with my hammer i mean finesse little screw driver!! I just plugged usb into my pc and no power to dfgt wheel and everything works awesome all buttons show up in calibration tool as working , so just tried mapping brake bias to the red dial on dfgt while still playing r3e on my g27 and works awesome !! So now to buy beer and get creative !! If i use both dfgt i can have more buttons and dials than Nasa lol
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  6. Thats great news. Keep us posted :-P
  7. I'd say sell them both so that someone gets introduced to sim racing. Then with part of the money get a usb controller that will be used much more efficiently in future projects as well, give you much more inputa and resolution to axis and in a smaller footprint.
    And build a cleaner, smaller, easier, and future proof button box.