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Development: True2Life-Racing Open Wheeler Development Class

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Stay tuned

  2. Tuned :tv:
  3. +1 :tv:
  4. :work: Starting to get the feel from the base physics I'm after. And boy these are fun little cars, light, smooth, and driftable. Just great at Brands Indy!
  5. :work: 15 hours (in the last 48 hours) of development work in total on the physics and basic 3D (This is not a completely new 3D model, but customised to suit the purpose), plus I have added some liveries with more to come. Where I'm at is to get, just the right feel and performance from the Avon ACB10's (that's a hint if you missed it)... Finally, add some more liveries and get a test race or two done to iron out the physics and it's going gold!
  6. Formula Ford?
  7. :work: pretty happy now with he tyre model, time to do a bit of texture work on the tyres and add the last skins.
  8. :work: Added some liveries and so far have 27 drivers
  9. :computer:
  10. :work:

  11. kewl!

    when reading about Avon tires I first thought about Caterhams...but as we see I was wrong with that :D

    some questions: what is it about? a real series or fictional? is this maybe like Formula 3 with different engine manufactures (would be great)?
  12. not so powerful as F3, it's a development class, and it's being based as closely to the real life series...

    Clue, keep looking into Avon tyres ;)
  13. :work: Did quite a bit of work to reshape the pods to get a better look, and also some work on the templates for the skinners too....
  14. :work: Templates are finished
    :work: New wheels have been added
    :work: Side pods finished
  15. :work: New sounds added
  16. :work: New build released to my somewhat over worked beta testers
  17. I can see it by the pixels that this is an 'Avon Tyres Club Formula Ford Championship' car. As an avid FF fan I have hopefully won a beta-build for my guesswork :D
  18. I'll be happy to help your BETA Testers as an unofficial part-time tester to help spread the load :D
  19. Took the mod out last night for a test run... initial impressions are good, and I can find no errors apart from one: The driver seems to be completely buried in the tarmac... :tongue:

    Watching the car on replays, there's only the tip of the poor guy's helmet sticking up out of the track. Other than that, this is looking great - drives well and is quite a challenge for its relative lack of speed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.