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Development: Seat Leon EuroCup 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. True2Life Racing & Kenny Press will be releasing in the near future Seat Leon EuroCup 2010

    Please see the following fantastic Spotters Line-up Kenny made!

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  2. This sounds like my kind of news.
    Will you actually be using a Seat EuroCup model or a modified Race model as some have allready tried to do?
  3. For now will be using WTCC 3D model.

    here is the WTCC vs EuroCup cars



    Really just need a scoop on the roof to be good to go...
  4. are the Eurocup cars turbo charged....????
  5. yup, I've built a new (and strange) turbo'd engine ... strange due to the fact the the torque peak is at 2100rpm! and not around the 5500 mark like the WTCC non-turbo...


    are the 2010 spec motor from info provided by Seat....
  6. also, new tyres, chassis physics and audio
  7. For Now! you say does that mean work is being done for a true model?

    Ok there are not that many differences but they are there:

  8. Here is the latest spotters guide with 10 extra cars

    SEAT Leon Eurocup 2010 - Race 07 Car Spotter Guide V2.jpg
  9. awesome Kenny!
  10. Very good idea! As trying to use a body from Supercopa Leon 2006 for rFactor?
  11. Hi Peter,

    The MY2006 spec car looks exactly the same as the WTCC/STCC 2007-2008 car. i.e. not roof scoop.

    There is the DAMT Portuguese Touring Car Championship 2010 which includes the Seat and thanks to Jarrod Crossley for making contact, but this is still in development and not yet on any platform. Read more about their development work here:

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  12. there is the "old" Mod from M@D69 for rFactor simulating the 2006 season...as far as I see the car just need small changes and optimizations to fit the 2010 or what ever season ;) so...if you could get in contact with him maybe you can get permission to convert and optimize his model and mod for race ;)

    (Link to rFCentral)
  13. Seat Supercopa 2010 model from DAMT looks very good, it's real car of Leon Eurocup. If they will give this model for convert in Race07 - it will be super. Wait for news!
  14. Funk, read my post above re the 3D model of the 2006 car and the Race Series WTCC cars...
  15. hm...I did before...and I don't share your opinion :D at least for me the car looks totally different...
    the whole bodywork is different and to only put a roof scoop on the WTCC won't make a Supercopa ;)

    EDIT: just to show you what I mean :D to be honest the car from M@D isn't that accurate and the WTCC is the "old" one...but maybe you can see the differences too :redface:

  16. I see that the splitter intakes and the rear diffuser, the rest is visual on the 3D models but is that just the modellers or real differences in the cars?
  17. I would say that there is a real difference.
    At least I mean that I read ones that the Leon Supercopa was a total new car build for the Supercopa series and had the "civil" Leon as inspiring example. Anyway I would say the difference is too big so that the WTCC Seat is only a good placeholder ;)
  18. I will be using the WTCC car for now, but do hope to use a new 3D model in the near future. Kenny has all the 2010 cars done and "got bored" in the last 2 days and did ALL the 2009 cars..!!!!! So, I'll add a 2009 and 2010 class
  19. Any news Günthar? :)
  20. soon young skywalker... soon :)
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