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Development cycle

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by yusupov, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. ive always wondered this, but did they ever say that 5 year clock began/begins after release? because theyve already been developing it for...3 years??
  2. I thought they've suggested development to 2018. Of course that'll be dependent on economics and continued DLC sales.
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  3. Sure, a firm need a longtime plan or else they will be slowly dead.
    After 2018, they will obv start next of nextgen racing sim with all features included i guess :D
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  4. All features included is a recipe for never selling another game again.

    Expect a business that will only survive on sales of new 'updated' products every few years to never actually give you a finished and polished product.

    Just look at Gran Turismo. They've had forever to get it really perfect and still it never feels perfect :D

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  5. I guess you are talking about the 6th iteration of GT. Back in the day of the PS1 or PS2, it was much more clear cut to release a game on a laser disk with no option to patch things out.
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  6. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    If you look at past releases like rFactor, ISI had little to no long term plan beyond 2 yrs for the title, but they did create longevity via the modding community, look how long that title has been running, 8yrs and still going.

    Kunos has a set plan of development, that development may involve different aspects of the sim, infact, I would hazard a guess that tyre/tire modeling, variable weather, FFB and tighter car physics will likely be their key points in future development of the Simulator.

    But I could be wrong, very wrong :cautious: :unsure:
  7. rFactor is a good example of modding extending the lifetime of a game, or even making it in the first place.

    We'll have to wait on what AC becomes. It's a game made in a time of DLC and other such income streams so maybe the strategy won't be quite as conventional as what we are used to.

  8. R Factor has always been a sandbox with little developer made content though. I know its built up over they years but there's still not much provided.

    Kunos have already provided more developer produced content (thank goodness) and they intend to continue producing DLC. That seems sensible as it provides a revenue stream to develop the core sim.
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