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Developing a race seat/frame

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Zeljko Gusatovic, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. The purpose of this thread:
    We are 4 students that study Production Technology which means we learn to develop various products.
    We have just started a new project with and we are talking about developing a racing seat/frame for gaming.
    All the available gaming seats are either really expensive or looks very fragile or are too large and take alot of space. We personally haven't tried any kind of gaming seat so that's why we need you guys.

    It would be very much appreciated if you would take the time to answer a few questions in our questionaire at this link:


    Thanks for your help!
  2. o....k
  3. well went to take ur questionare, it fails hard core!, i cant answer the first 2 questions!
  4. me either, 21-30 is missing, and shared accomodation is also missing, also, why isn't it do you play racing games or simulators? As I hate racing games, so I'm a sim only guy. And as for folding rigs, they've been done, cheap ones, done too, motion ones, yep.

    There is nothing new about racing simulation rigs, every alternative method has been done, so your wasting your degree on it, however, what hasn't been done, are affordable realistic controllers. I'm talking about Brian Clancy's wheel's, added to a box that houses enough hardware to address the issue's of FFB that the games don't. The pedals also need to be addressed, load cell brakes have been done, I can't comment on the realism as I haven't tried one, but clutches need to be done, as do accelerators, hand-brakes and even shifters.

    Imagine what would happen if you did something new in your degree, instead of following the crowd.