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Dev Diary #4 and Launch Trailer are online!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jan Köhler, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. F1.com trailer here

    There you go.

    Can't wait, one week left :)
  2. Cheers for the links.

    Im pretty underwhelmed by the Trailer to be honest. Only so many slo-mo kerbs you can enjoy - I hoped there would be some other aspects in there. Think I prefered the 'Season So Far' trailer, at least it had some relevance.

    I will watch the dev video shortly.
  3. Looks great but yeah i would of liked a bit more than the slow-mo power sliding for 2 minutes.
  4. Notice that there is no spray behind the SC...
  5. To be fair the safety car doesnt really create alot of spray compared to f1 cars. I see what you mean though theres nothing atall, but again does safety car actually produce spray at that speed in real life?
  6. Good spot. I wonder if its intentional so the leader can see it - hey I wonder if you can take it out, like a pit maneuver, causing a 2nd sefety car to be depolyed?!?

    Ok, wrong safety car, but it doesnt seem to create a massive cloud of spray in real life like the F1's do -

  7. Every car produces spray irl, it might be less than an F1 but it should be something there...it's does not look natural when there is nothing at all behind it.
    No major thing for me but it looks a bit odd, could be like you say Paul, it has intentionally been left out...it is a safety car so it needs to be extra safe perhaps :D

    Edit: I see you are already planning some dirty moves... :wink: It will probably ghost if you get too close, would be fun though :D

    Edit2: Yes but as you can see, the spray is more from the sides as normal cars have some bodywork over their wheels :D
  8. Something else that bothers me is the almost complete lack of pitgirls in these videos, they don't actually think we buy the game for the driving, do they !? :wink:

    Anyhow, you probably already have seen this short tv-ad but I think it is quite good actually. :)

  9. No I hadnt seen that video Jan - I like it - much better than the slo-mo offering :D
  10. i can't wait anymore.it looks so awesome:D
  11. Don't think i can wait any longer, these videos just make it look so much better than f1 2010.

    link removed (repeated advertising)
    :[/URL]D cant wait