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Destroying vehicle at end of qualifying

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nicolas van de Velde, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anybody else gets annoyed with people destroying their vehicle at the end of quali so they can start on fresh tyres? Until recently I only saw beginners doing it, people who had no real chance to get the win anyway (no disrespect!). But lately, I see alot of 'good' drivers who're doing it as well.

    I find it annoying that I got to try and preserve my tyres by going out for 2 -3 hotlaps max while they just drive around on options for as long as they want, wreck their vehicle when they're happy with the time they got and start off with tyres better than my own. I realise the advantage they get is probably not all that great, but it's the principle that counts: you won't see Vettel driving his car into a wall at the end of qualifying just to get new tyres...

    I'm wondering if CM will implement rules to prevent this sort of 'cheating' in F1 2011? (eg destroying vehicle during quali = last row at race start).
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Indeed I recognised it very early when I started to play online against ppl I never played before, now its the same names that do it over and over, I just wonder if they think were all that stupid that we dont notice it.
  3. I wondered why people did that. I did it once, thinking I would save time on doing a full lap back to the pits. I got a 5 place grid penalty for my actions.
  4. Is that the reason!! thats definately cheating..Hosts should consider kicking them from the race but that would need a list of repeat offenders!
  5. What I sometimes do as the time is up and I am still in a timed lap, but make a mistake which I know that my time won't improve, I cut the corners to make the timing stop and get into the standings screen without returning into the pitlane. Is that illegal too?
    And No I don't destroy my car to get fresh tires, as I always qualify on primes it won't make any difference (96% or 100% tyre wear) anyway. :p
  6. I do the same, but there is nothing wrong with that, I think.
  7. Nah pulling over or deliberately invalidating your lap is cool. Trashing your car exploits a bug in the game and isnt cool.

    Its a good job someone made a thread about it, just so idiots who never knew this can start doing it now.

    Nice one!
  8. Thought about that as well, but I think/hope that most members of RD will be decent drivers and not those 'got to get through turn one at 200 mph or I cant win the race!' kind of people. Besides, if there's anything online gaming has thought me: if people want to cheat, they'll find a way to do so anyway. And to be honest, the advantage you gain by doing this is just so small; I consider it more of a problem for those who like to have their F1 experience as real as it gets.

    And there's also a veeeery little part of me that hopes CM follows these boards a bit and takes notice of this problem...

    Edit: Paul, if it really makes you uncomfortable having this post here, I'll ask the mod to remove it, simple as that.
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I did not even know that was what what happened. It just never occurred to me that they get to start on fresh tyres!! Sneaky!!
  10. Sorry mate, im a bit dry humour wise, didnt mean it to read the way you have probably taken it. I thought it was just one of those unwritten observations that we all eventually make. I did initially think it wasnt the best thing to post, but on reflection I dont really care who knows it for the reasons already mentioned.

    Like ive never mentioned the fact that if you dont move off the grid at the start of a race, and can reverse backwards and get into the pits before a DSQ, you win the race on lap 2.

    I enjoy racing, dont care if people are using assists or 'loopholes' because if they are poor enough to do that sort of thing, hopefully it means ill get the pleasure of passing them rather than leaving them at the grid.